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Is my constipation made worse for having my laptop on my knees and abdomen ? (maybe NSFW)

Asked by talljasperman (21916points) September 12th, 2013

I live a sedentary life , I my favorite Fluther position is to lie prone with the laptop on my thighs with the keyboard pressed against my abdomen. Would that pose a health risk for extended periods, (like for 5 minutes at a time)?

Maybe it shouldn’t be called a laptop?

I have alternating diarrhea and constipation and today I had a really nice movement. I am seeing a doctor for having these conditions since February when the doctor took me off a laxative called Fruitlax, (prune paste with flax seeds)

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Probably not.

Have you been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Disease?

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I’m sure it wouldn’t be. If you have IBS it might even help. What is your diet like?

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if I’m not mistaken what you call the “fluther” position is more commonly referred to as the wanking position. I’m not touching your laptop

Bowel troubles are most commonly caused by poor diet low in fiber and roughage, sedentary lifestyle, and stress. I don’t think EM radiation from your laptop has been linked to anything concrete, and i’m pretty sure your bowel habits are not high on researchers agendas. That said, I think your laptop is the least of you worries.
Fruitilax is definitely better than laxatives, but varied roughage (salads, vegetables, fruits) is much better for your intestines than a single source of roughage.

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It’s not the position with your laptop, it’s more from your lack of movement and your lack of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Stand up every ten minutes or so and walk around; better yet, go outside and walk around the block. Just that little extra movement will do wonders for your digestive system. And eat a fresh apple in the morning and another an hour before dinner.

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@drhat77 is right I was thinking fiber may help. @zenvelo is right too about the fruits. I’d even start on prune juice. It helps. I don’t think it has anything to do with your laptop although exercise can’t hurt.

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Maybe that’s why you have a shit connection… aye thang yoo.

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@ucme Ba dum dum (cymbal)

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Not that I disagree with the blunt opinions above. Sometimes tough love is good. And hey you probably already know all this.

However have you considered that you may have celiacs? Then you would probably have the energy to get up and do things that are common sense and good for you. It is hard when you feel so sick and cloudy and inflamed that getting up or that the food you crave actually is the same stuff making you sick. But really its your life and the only way it gets better is when you start taking charge and pushing through.

Keep us posted.

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The thing that is causing your constipation is your sedentary life style, I bet if you got up and did at least an hour of exercise each day even if its just going for a long brisk walk that your constipation will clear up and you will go everyday.

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@creative1 Has it right. A big cause of constipation is lack of exercise. Lack of exercise decreases circulation to the intestines. The intestines, getting shorted on oxygen, cuts back on its activity. When it cuts back on its activity, the smooth muscles in the walls of the organ start to atrophy and lose strength. Double trouble. Diminished activity, no strength to perform the activity.
It is NOT that complicated.

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From what you have previously posted in other threads regarding how much fast food/junk food that you typically eat, your laptop position is really beside the point.

Do a little research on Psyllium husks. It ameliorates both constipation and diarrhea.

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I’ve had a colonoscopy and they found nothing. The Dr. suggests Metamucil.

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Metamucilvis a brand name for guess what?

Psyllium. You can most likely get it cheaper if you just get Psyllium husks; plus, it’s not as powdery as Metamucil and easier to deal with.

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