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What are you doing for mother's day?

Asked by delirium (13715points) April 30th, 2008

Just offering up a reminder for people who might not have realized that its time to get a wiggle on! I just got my mother and father tickets for Yo Yo Ma!

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I don’t have a clue! I need something awesome. Post some awesome ideas people so that you can give me a hand.

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@delerium: thanks for the reminder. This will be my first Mother’s Day to have to get something for my expecting wife so I need ideas. For my mom, I’ll probably get her something to recognize her stays as a mother to be. Exactly what, I have no idea yet.

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We go on a family hike every year on Mother’s Day. I know, I know, Rich really special for your wife and the mother of your kids!! But that is what she wants to do, be with her kids, and we like being outdoors.

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I’m going to buy something nice for my daughter. She is expecting her first baby. As for me, I have nothing planned. SO usually surprises me with something. Last year we took a cruise around Manhattan.

@richmarshall I think a family hike is a great thing to do!

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I won’t do anything for my actual mother. But I will see if my sister wants to go to dinner. She raised me so she should reap the rewards.

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I made reservations at a quaint little Italian restaurant that my Mom really likes and I’m taking both my parents out to dinner.

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Giving my Granny a hug, taking her out.

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My grand-mom is being invited over for a late brunch after church, at my house. My mom and i are cooking, then i told my mom i would take her to a movie if she wants, or maybe shopping and on monday im taking her to get a pedicure at a nice salon, she works at a salon and always pampers others so i figured it was her turn..

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Dinner with my family (mom of course!) and grandparents. I usually get my mom some makeup because she’s a girly girl, and my grandma is like a second mom and I get her a gift as well (even though shes very stubborn and hates when I get her gifts!)

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My sister and I are hauling out our walkers and canes and taking our 93 yr old mother for an early and quiet lunch at a nice restaurant. Our kids will call us since they are not around the corner. I think that it is another of these hokey holidays and try to be a loving mother and daugther as often as I can.

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@bulb: already sleep-deprived?

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I told her i won’t be able to be there because I got an internship, but i am going to drop by as a surprised, the internship let me start a week late.

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I usually get my mom something that she will use with my dad, movie tickets, dinner reservations, spa treatments, etc.

So he gets stuck having to do the dirty work. :P but I spend time with mom every other day of the year. :)

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I’m going out to the beach to spend fifteen minutes conversing with my poor ma, who died years ago,
and fifteen minutes with my gran, who saved me from the confusion caused by my ma. I miss them both, for very different reasons.
And I will write a little poem for the daughter-in-law who has a tiny girl, and another poem for the daughter-in-law who had a hurtful miscarriage in the winter. I love them, they’re both utter miracles.

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Probably just send a card and chocolate…..when they’re in different countries, it’s difficult to be creative every year.

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Back to back brunches. The first with my in-laws, the second with my family. I don’t think my wife or I really enjoy this, but it’s what we do to make all sides happy. I think some year we’ll suck it up and just enjoy the day on our own. And lest I forget, the boys and I will serve coffee in bed.

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@ gail Yea, I guess! I typed out a response on my iPhone, but after proof-reading I deleted everything except the comma.

I’m on my iPhone again, but I’ll give it another shot!

I just bought my wife some patio furniture, that might I say is awesome! It only took me about three hours to put together! I gave it to her early, so we could go ahead and start enjoying it!

My mother and my mother-in-law will get some flowers and a card. Maybe some home improvments for both. I have to wire an addition for my mother, and maybe install some new light fixtures for my mother-in-law.

I hope this response doesn’t get all jacked up like my first one!

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I need some ideas too. Last year I got my wife a nice photobook from Shutterfly with pictures of her and our new son (with a couple of me…) She loved it. Now I have to do something equally as cool. Would love some suggestions!

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@shi: you live in a city w. possibilities; baby-sit and get her a day at a spa? Or get a sitter so you both can get out and do what makes you happy. You have such good choices.

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Gail, Thanks for the suggestions. Last year for her birthday I babysat and sent her to a day spa (good idea). Sadly, she is working next Sunday, so I was hoping to have something material to give her, but we may just have to postpone our celebration.

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Promise her whatever she wants; an uninterrupted night’s sleep, an orgy at a hotel, free chest x-ray (jk). g

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Gail, Your right! I know my mother deservers THE BEST!!!! i love her and i couldn’t ask for more from her.

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@Randy; you sound as tho your wonderful mom raised a wonderful child (you’re, please. Just divide it up into “you are” and see whether it works.)

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haha oh Gail you’re the best!

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By George, or by Gail, you’ve got it. Will Milo cook dinner for me tonight?

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@ Gail- Hahaha, you’re right! My awesome mom raised my the best she could but my education is thanks to the public school system.

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Hopefully spending it with my husband and kids.

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On the actual Day, probably nothing, the restaurants jack up their prices, so that’s not worth it. My youngest son is giving me a new grandson on May 20th, so I’m really looking forward to that.

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I’m not doing anything on the actual day because I teach in South Korea, and my mother lives in the USA. Maybe I’ll have flowers delivered to her house.

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