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Who is the mod here?

Asked by kingpinlovesyou (312points) July 22nd, 2011

I had a post sent back for typos but I can’t see any in it at all.

it has happened to me a few times I normally just abandon the question but I think I may just leave now, it’s getting too annoying

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I found out the reason, I think it’s better for you all if I just left.

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Not too be more annoying, but you’ll get quicker attention on this in Meta, and if you hit the “contact” button, top right of the screen next to the search space someone will address this for you.

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Just curious, how would it be better for us?

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I don’t want to post threads to only be taken down minutes later, I don’t want to bother you all like that and of course it wastes my time too but that’s okay.

I don’t really mind too much with my last thread as it was only trivial, but I try to ask more insightful questions what I haven’t had chance to ask yet.

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I’d hate to see you go. You ask good questions.

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So, why are you upset now?

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I don’t think that you should leave. Fluther does have guidelines, and posts are held to a higher standard than many other sites, this much is true. It can take some getting used to… but it’s a wonderful community if you take the time to learn the way that we do things here.
And, if it is any consolation, most of has have been modded more than once. They aren’t singling you out. :)

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Yeah, what @ANef_is_Enuf said about all of us being modded before is right.
If i stated here, in this thread, that oranges are blue, you would find that even your answers can get modded…, it would simply have disappeared.

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Hang in there and get a better feel for us. Really. I think you will see that it is worth your while.

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[Mod Says]

You can always find out who the current moderators are by going here. Remember, your questions are not being taken down. They are being returned to you for editing. Making your questions even better is good for you and good for the community. Rather than abandoning them, consider looking at what the problem was and being extra careful next time. Let editing be educational rather than annoying!

P.S. Like others have said, we’ve all been modded. I’ve even had a question removed completely. It happens.

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@kingpinlovesyou everyone gets modded and I am sure nobody wants you to leave because of a few typos or whatever. So I hope you will reconsider. Just ask the mods what the problem is with your question and I am sure they will help.

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You’re not ruining our lives by being here. Don’t be ridiculous. :p Stay with us, man.

As for questions being taken down for misspelling, the misspelled words are usually highlighted, so you can which you messed up on, and fix them. I don’t know how exhaustive it goes with bad grammar, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem with you. Don’t be discouraged, it’s no big deal. :)

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We ruin our own lives by being here. Your presence is not causative of that. Your absence may be.

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