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If you wrote a letter to yourself in 20 years, what would it say?

Asked by 15barcam (756points) July 24th, 2011

I personally would write all the things that I think are wrong about my life now so that I could laugh about them in 20 years. What about you?

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Hi Dude. All the records are still where they always were. Here’s the passwords, just in case.

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I hope you are still alive and well. Hope the kids are fine!

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Lilly, you’re still alive, good for you.

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Shit could be worse, you could not be reading this because one of three reasons.
1. Your dead. Kids if you found this. Sorry. This was suppose to be funny.
2. Your brain dead. Kids its better than ok, if you pull the plug. Give this letter to the doctor. Oh, and I love you all to pieces.
3. My eyes sight really sucks and now someone has to read this to me. Thank God, I didn’t decide to write a reminder of my secrets. LOL

So if I’m reading it in 20 years than all is good and appreciate what you have for now.

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It was a great adventure, wasn’t it? The best of times and the worst and you weathered it all in relatively good spirit. Now rest. It’s over.

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You still there? Unfortunately I’m not a necromancer, so if you’re not well…check ya in hell, dumbass!

PS; bring more brains.

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The day of my 19th anniversary of my being excommunicated from the church organization I’d been in for 50.5 years just passed—on the 19th.Twenty years ago, I wish I had written:

“Why are you wasting your time here? These people are evil, and you know it, but you refuse to say it to yourself, especially not even in a whisper. They are destroyers. They are a cult. Get out before they destroy everyone in the family. Run, and don’t look back.”

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