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Where should I tattoo these lyrics on my body?

Asked by amazingme (1860points) July 24th, 2011

I am so excited about getting my first tattoo. I am getting the lyrics, ‘Always remember there was nothing worth sharing
Like the love that let us share our name’, from The Avett Brothers song, Murder In The City. I want to get it tattooed somewhere that is less likely to expand if I gain weight or if I ever eventually get pregnant. Also, I would love to be able to cover it if I really needed to for a job. Any good ideas? Thanks, :]

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Making is a nice little ankelette sounds right.

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Upper back near the shoulders.
Also, If you gain weight all body parts are subject to expansion.

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I think you are going to make a big mistake.I pressed my head against my monitor and I got a sign, don’t do it.

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@woodcutter Why is she making a mistake?

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Your forehead…no matter how fat or skinny you get, the forehead remains the same. wasn’t that a Zep song?

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I’m with @woodcutter. I immediately thought ”...there is Nothing worth sharing.”?
What about Ideas? or Charity? or Understanding? or Truth? or Love? or Affection? or any of the other the gifts that make an enriching friendship or a magical, lasting relationship.
But then I thought…. Oh what’s the point.
If it means so much to, you put it where only you can read it. (You certainly don’t want to share it. ) Put it on the palm of your hand or upside down on a thigh.

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Words are especially hard as all ink tends to blur and spread out a bit with time, whether or not you gain weight. To stay legible, they have to be bigger than you might want, and very plain and dull of font. To ensure that it can be covered if necessary in all weathers, you can only have it on your torso, and anywhere on your front is very likely to change with skin stretch. I’m not averse to tattoos, I have three, but I would highly recommend a symbol or simple picture rather than lyrics.

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@FutureMemory OK bear with me for a bit. Most marriages and other relationships fail. It’s just a sad truth. Whenever there are sweet sayings permanently inscribed on skin it seems to me, they are specific to a particular person at that time. What happens if the relationship is a fail? It becomes a clever and sweet quote to whom? The next time, assuming there is a next time,a new relationship begins there it will be, already there ahead of time. It will seem presumptuous to this person. Of course it could all be explained if it goes that far, and you gotta give the OP credit for being committed enough to want to do this but that’s what cards are for. It’s only my opinion but extreme care needs to be taken when putting any kind of words on skin, certainly person specific. This person is in love…But I did press my head against my monitor and got the sign,as well as a static zap. It’s a mistake, listen to the woodcutter on this one @amazingme

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@Cruiser The Song, The Song remains the Same…....nice call :)

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I guess I should have explained it better. The tattoo is a dedication to my sister and my three brothers. It’s a really beautiful song. And I think you’ll understand better if you listen to it. Listen here

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@amazingme Beautiful song and I think the reasoning behind your tattoo is lovely. What about your rib cage? I also like the idea of the thigh.

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Rib cage. it will hurt, but its going to hurt no matter where you get it, and you can cover it up

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I’m assuming you probably already got this tattoo, as the question is from 2 years ago…

Just in case you haven’t; I think it would look nice on your ribs, along the side of your thigh, the inside of your arm, spaced across both of your feet, or behind one of your shoulders.

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