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Zombies Vs. Aliens Vs Mankind who would win?

Asked by kaywizard (285points) July 26th, 2011

We all know the Apocalypse is fast approaching. What I want to know is in the event that both Aliens and Zombies attack mankind at the same time who will win:
a) Aliens
b) Zombies
c) Aliens and Zombies
d) Mankind
e) Mankind and Zombies (we find a cure and defeat the Aliens)
f) Mankind and Aliens (they help us beat the Zombies and we live in peace)
g) No survivors game over
So choose your option explain why or give an alternate response to the situation.
p.s have fun…

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What kind’a chicken shit question is this? Everyone knows that Reptilian Ninja Pirates would kick all y’alls asses back to whatever black hole you hyperspaced out of.

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Depends. Do the Aliens have nukes, and will the zombies eat alien flesh?

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Humans because:
Aliens, in all the movies, end up getting sick with some cold or flu germ and zombies will eventually run out of bits. They lose an arm here, a tooth there. They will run out of bits before we run out of bullets. Also, Aliens have those big ol’ heads! They can blast us to kingdom come with their super cool lasers but you’ve seen in movies how humans are always huddling in caves and substructures in big cities. We can survive on can goods and beef jerky for YEARS! Besides, how are aliens gonna harvest our resources? Their zippy lil’ ships can’t do much along the lines of harvesting resources and I can’t even PICTURE a lil green man on a tractor. And if their are any aliens reading this, let me ask you….How do you know that we humans won’t find alien meat absolutely delicious?

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Cockroaches. [not the ones listed above or if you want an answer from there I’ll go with G ]

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Friggin’ Zombies, man.
We’d all get infected, then all the Aliens would get infected, and they’d be Alien Zombies…
Zombies FTW.

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My money’s on Munchkins or even oompah loompahs, those little bastards kick arse man.

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Aliens, because the kick but in the movies. The ending where the humans win is fake.

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Aliens, of course! With their extremely extraordinary super efficient extraterrestrial weapons they can erase Earth and all creature in it in a blink of an eye.

If I can choose, I would like that human can cross breed with aliens so that our hybrid would be more evolved and sophisticated than our current humanoid condition.

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Zombies. Zombies are germ machines, and would eventually sicken and kill any humans they don’t eat. Aliens, as previously stated, don’t have the antibodies to ward of the onslaught of disease generated by someone walking around with body parts that are, well, dead.

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This got me thinkin, wow, what if there are truly aliens out there and they released their own zombies at us?! Sick motha…!

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The Lollipop Guild obviously, they’ll give everyone lolipops which will make everyone happy and peaceful and then they’ll all die because they contain a high concentration of HF.

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You didn’t answer whether the aliens had nukes, so it depends. If the aliens have nukes, or are willing to use kinetic weapons, then the zombies are toast. My guess is that if the aliens took all the energy to come here they don’t want to irradiate the planet. Kinetic weapons would cause a global cooling event but that depends on the alien physiology.

Also, it depends on whether the aliens are susceptible to the zombie virus. If they are, and they don’t want to use nukes or kinetic weapons, and they try to do a ground assult, then the zombies will probably overwhelm. If they are not susceptible to the zombie virus, then all they have to do is let the zombies eat the humans and the kill off the zombies. And if they want to be even more efficient, then they will ally with the zombies to kill the humans and then turn against their zombie allies.

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@mazingerz88 In fact, that was their Plan 9

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ZOMBIES!! Ultimately they would never fuck each other over to get ahead. (they might eat each other, but not as long as they had human and alien flesh)

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Aliens! For sure, all of that technology could just kill everyone.

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I’m loving the feedback on this question. Looks like most of you favor either Alien or Zombies and only one definite vote for Mankind. huh…. interesting.

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