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What are some innocuous things that creep you out?

Asked by fluthernutter (6323points) May 12th, 2015 from iPhone

The last few times I’ve driven down this highway, I’ve noticed five figures just standing on the freeway overpass and looking down. They’re not wearing any noticeable uniform. And they’re there during various times of the day.

I’m sure they have a perfectly good reason to be doing this. But for some reason it creeps me out. It makes me feel like it’s the beginning of some alien bodysnatcher or zombie movie.

Are there any perfectly harmless things that creep you out?

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Strangers walking up to me. .. sometimes I just want to be left alone.

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Sometimes it creeps me out when someone I don’t know walks up to me and calls me by name. I have no idea how or when I met them, so i have no inking of what they want when they approach me, though it doesn’t happen often, but once in a blue moon it is rather creepy.

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Hotels with long corridors (think The Shining). I always think of that when I’m walking down one of those corridors.

Empty toilet blocks at night.

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It creeps me out when a waitress asks me how something tastes. For some reason it feels like an intimate question like they’re trying to get into my mouth.

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What’s a toilet block?

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@Brian1946, the ladies/gents. A room filled with toilet stalls. It might be in an airport/shopping centre or a park. What do you call that?

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In my part of the US (southern California) and I think for the rest of this country, it’s usually called a restroom.

When I was in public school here I heard it referred to as a lavatory.

I think toilet block makes more sense than restroom; at least one gets an idea of its function, whereas I could see someone living in another country thinking “restroom” was our term for bedroom.

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Of course! I have heard people say this on television/in films. We’re more likely to say ‘I’m going to the ladies/toilet/bathroom/loo”. Something like that. You wouldn’t say ‘where is the toilet block?” but you would say “where are the ladies/gents? or “where are the toilets?”. I didn’t think about the linguistic difficulties my post might cause.

When it’s late at night and I’m in the ladies I sometimes remember this scene and freak myself out.

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Sleep paralysis. I’ve experienced it a few times and understand why, but it still creeps me out.

Another, and less creepy, experience that happens at least once a week is being exposed to two unrelated things that share a specific commonality in the same day. Since that probably makes no sense, here is an example:

Today, this question made me look up Sleep Paralysis. In the first link found (and listed above), it shows a painting entitled, “The Nightmare”. Earlier today, I watched an episode of a television show that used the same painting in its plot.

There isn’t anything magical about these coincidences. They happen to all of us all of the time. I just happen to pick up on them, and depending on the content or how unconnected the circumstances are, it can cause a little shutter.

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Women with breasts like bee stings, wtf is all that about.

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I hate long corridors as well. I will never live in an apartment building that is built like that. Maybe it is from “The Shining”, I never thought about that.

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Nice tags, Laughs.

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Things with lots of round holes. They sometimes appear to be festering wounds where all of the puss has run out and just left a web of healthy flesh. YEEECH!

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About 75% of everything on the news. Also silverfish.

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A guy that works for us was wearing the shoes with toes, and it creeped me out.
I’d sooner see a mouse than a house centipede.

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Women fawning over children.

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@ibstubro I turned around last spring and a house centipede was right next to me. I let it go outside.

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@Adirondackwannabe if I had to see something like that, believe me, I would be the first one outside!

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I saw it and started to freak, then caught it in a sandwich bag. Thorn id’ed it for me.

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Didn’t you take a pic? Mr A!

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I didn’t have a camera or my phone that day. He was really creepy though. Kind of funky, cool creepy.

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Disgustfuckintingly creepy.
A self propelled dust-bunny.
Also known as those bastards with all the legs about sums it up for me.

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The idea (reality) that when I’m reaching for that little plastic stick to stir my coffee with, that dozens of people before me have grabbed from the same stack of sticks. Ick! Sure they only touched the top part of the stick, not the part that goes in my coffee, but still….....................yet I deal with it. I have to.

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I honestly can’t think of many things… If I had to pick, I guess watching spiders catch their prey. I’ve watched very closely many times and imagining being in the place bug’s place is scary.

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Remote areas. Farms, rural places, upstate NY, things like that.

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Here is another that better suits the question. At work, the SO is referred to by a nickname. It’s just a shortened version of his first name, like Robby for Robert. No one else uses it. So when it crops up on a holiday card or his work schedule, it’s like they are referring to some alternate version of the person I know and love.

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