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Is it bad to like reading books with sexual content in them?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5952points) July 27th, 2011

Me and my friend love to read books by Jodi Picoult. She is an amazing author. I love to read…and I really mean LOVE to read, but her books have sexy stuff in it like My Sister’s Keeper, and The Pact. Im in the middle of reading The Pact right now, an there is alot of sexy stuff in it. But, the thing is, I love this book.

Is it bad that I’m enjoying this?

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Yes. You’re a very bad person. How dare you enjoy sex or the discussion/depiction of sex! You must be a freak!

Or perhaps you are just like 99% of the rest of the world.

We am luv teh sexy.

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Of course it’s not, as long as the pages don’t stick together you’re good to go!

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I’d say it’s pretty normal…

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It’s only bad if you belong to a deranged religious group that says sexuality is bad.

Otherwise, it’s just naughty-rageous. ;-)

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If I recall you’re a teenager aren’t you? Sex is ok as long as you don’t get overly fixated on it. If it weren’t for sex most of us wouldn’t be around.

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Far from bad. Is it bad that a person likes to read about War, kittens, poetry, law, medicine, etc.

That is the great thing about books and about authors. The more varied, the better.

Another good reason for Libraries

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Can’t see why or how it could be bad at all… just as long as you don’t start humping things or grinding against other people if you read in public…

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Not in the least! I learned a lot from reading Harold Robbins novels.

Sex positive things are healthy: books, movies, songs, toys. People who repress sex positive things are attempting to force one into unhealthy choices.

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That’s how I discovered the joy’s of sex. I use to read True Romance and smut books at a very young age. Hidden under my mattress of course.tehehe

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Is it bad that sex is part of life?

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I don’t mean this in a bad way at all, but you should talk to your mom about this. This is a wonderful opportunity to open up to your mother. I wish I had the guts to do so when I was your age.

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I haven’t read the books by Jodi Picoult, so I don’t know how explicit they are.
I’m not sure of your age, but a little bit of romance and sex is probably fine as long as you don’t become obsessive about it. I hope that you are also reading other kinds of books by other authors. There is a whole wonderful world of fascinating subjects and imaginings to learn and discover through books.
I’m glad that you enjoy reading, it is wonderful isn’t it?

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It’s only natural to like this stuff and there’s nothing wrong with it.

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Whatever happens in life, happens in books. That includes sexual relationships. So, no, there is nothing wrong with enjoying these books. If you are young, then reading is a safe way to explore the topic of sexuality without acting upon your curiosity until the time is right. Just make sure you’re also getting information from reputable sources, like sex ed class.

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I can’t imagine why you would think it was bad. Why would you think it is bad?

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I am guessing due to your age, and possibly your religion, you are inclined to think there is something wrong with sexuality. Sexuality is normal. What you are feeling and thinking is most likely quite normal for your age. Go on reading.

Just know that real life relationships are nothing like what those type of books describe.

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Wow, when I was your age, I was reading what can only be described as flat-out porn. So I’m going to go with a resounding “no”.

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No its not bad, you learn lots of stuff from it and its actually VERY interesting. I might have to check out that author cause those are the types of books I can finish reading in a week :D
Send me a msg with some of her great books that you’ve read.

@Aethelflaed LOL ”I was reading what can only be described as flat-out porn” LOL

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Is it bad to like reading books with sexual content in them?

Only if they are poorly written, otherwise no.

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It’s wrong only if you find it wrong. One can’t be a judge in your place.

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You seem to ask a lot of questions about sex being bad. (Well, the last was about masturbation, but similar.) Sex in itself is not a bad thing. Ever. In certain situations it can become a bad the, but I don’t think that thinking about or reading about sex can be a bad thing unless it is disrupting your life. How can something be wrong if it harms no one?

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Ain’t nothin bad there. If you ever thought that, please dismiss the idea.

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No way! We’re all biologically hardwired to want sex. If nobody wanted sex, then it would be lights out for the human race.

Plus, if you’re not ready to actually have sex yet, then reading about it is a great way to see different situations and figure out what you want. Reading and writing are such great ways to explore your desires. Also, there’s a big difference between erotica and porn. I’ve read My Sister’s Keeper and it’s all about the unusual situation in the family and how they deal with it. When sex makes its way into fiction, that’s because it’s a part of life.

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Porn is porn.

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Try reading Beauty’s Punishment and the other tow that go along with it. You can find them all together in a box. It’s written by Ann rice but she had it under a cover name which later she came out and said it was her that wrote it. Also it’s normal, I really wasn’t into it till i went to get my hair cut and the woman cutting my hair told me about it. Also try fairyville.


No. There is no such thing as a bad book when sex is involved.

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@Nonamechick While I love the Sleeping Beauty series, I’m not sure we should be actually recommending it to someone who’s underage.

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No. Picoult isn’t writing porn. You are fine. Enjoy your books.

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wait i didn’t know they where under age, wait till your 18.

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BTW I’m blush red right now

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