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Do you think most thriller/mystery/suspense authors are more comfortable of writing about main characters of the same sex?

Asked by luigirovatti (2254points) 1 month ago

The examples are endless. Harlan Coben wrote the “Myron Bolitar” book series, which is a man. Mary Kubica wrote “The Good Girl”, which title speaks for itself. Alex Michaelides wrote “A Silent Patient”, which has as protagonist a male doctor. Lyndee Walker wrote the “Faith McClellan” & “Nichelle Clark” book series, two series with as MC a woman. I’m going with my guts on this one, but to me it’s a widespread trend. What do you think about it?

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Since “write what you know” applies also to fiction authors, women are probably more comfortable writing with a woman protagonist, and men writing with a male protagonist. But there are so many exceptions that a preponderance does not even get close to being a “rule”.

Dorothy L Sayers wrote the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries. Agatha Christie was just as prolific with Hercule Poirot as she was with Miss Marple.

But women can write male characters much better than men can write female characters.
Male bad writing about female characters appears as …
– Defining female characters by their breasts or other ‘female-type’ things
– Inserting author’s own thoughts or preconceptions about women
– Lack of research, authenticity and emotional truth
It should also be noted the above can be
– Written by famous and admired male writers
– In books that are celebrated as GOOD examples of their craft, or even prize winners

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Of course! It’s easier to understand one of one’s own sex than it is another.

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A friend of mine writes legal thrillers, and yes her main character is a woman in both series. Makes sense for many reasons, but most obvious is she knows what it is like to be a woman. Second, women tend to want to promote the capabilities of women.

Her name is Robin James if you have any interest in a new author.

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I think for the most part yes, but there are a few exceptions. Michael Connelly has written a few books with Renee Ballard as lead Detective. Robert Ellis has used Lena Gamble as lead detective in some of his books.

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Especially true in erotica literature. Women write better lesbian erotica than men do.

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