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Lingo, slang and flutherisms - seen anything new lately?

Asked by _zen_ (7854points) July 28th, 2011

I’ve been away for some weeks, but this is in reference to anything English slang related. A month is like a century of yore – when it comes to colloquialism.

Nullo wrote about the Wall-O-Text referring to when someone (usually either a relationship question, or just another wunday ;-)) writes so much text in detail – it looks like the Berlin wall.

I don’t think a block of text anywhere else but the details section of Fluther would be considered a Wall-O – but I may be wrong.

Seen anything good?

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How about fluther+crush = flush? It wasn’t in any post, only in a PM convo :D

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Quick remove Nullo’s name before you get modded : )

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The Berlin Wall…it might be a post that is so huge that it looks like a wall, even if it’s perfectly well indented and paragraphs are all separated. Or just a big block of text.

…as there is also the wall of text. The names differ, but I think I know what he’s on about… I’ve seen it often on forums and message boards…it looks a little like this.

So I like zombies. You know, zombies are really slick. They represent my inner self because i,m an emo (i capitalize NAUGHT) and my eyes bleed blood. When I’m (shit) pissed of, my eyes turn black, so you better run. Because that’s what cool characters do in video games, and that’s all my inspiration comes from, and I also hang around on 4-chan. Because that’s where izzat, bitchbat. On another related matter, I would like to note that movie clich├ęs and tropes have started annoying me by not ever being anything different. Now one may argue that including such known pivotal movie elements is the point, but I disagree, because we are meant to conceptually evolve. By the way, I don’t like the wave of new, fast zombies that sprint after people. All this to say that, people often write walls of text even if it’s about cutting yourself because your parents don’t let you slay up past eleven or because they don’t put nachos in your school lunch. However, I’ve seen people write things that I am sure were very intelligent and insightful, (like using the word slay and making everyone think it was a typ0z) but I was not bothered to read any of it because walls of text rape my eyes. I know someone who writes like this purposely, but I forgot his reason. I stopped talking to him because I don’t like people that are smarter than me, and crazy at the same time. That’s a joke by the way. He vanished, but he was an online person, so who knows what went on. Hag it. Anyways I was talking about zombies. So I’m playing a game called Splatterhouse. It’s a remake of an old two dimensional franchise, (writing it ’‘two dimensional and not 2D is the new in, Zenny ((zenny is also currency in the Breath of Fire franchise)) see what I did there?) and people are complaining about the over the top gore. I mean this makes no sense. You rip out the guts of enemies by fisting them up the ass, you beat artifacts and the game includes sentences such as A two by four! (and not 2X4) Handy! Let’s do some fucking carpentry! But the game became what it wanted to be, and not just by using ’‘carpentry’’ as a retarded wya to go, let’s fuck shit up, and not actually build anything BUT MASS PILLARS OF BONES What’s wrong with that? Oh let me answer that shit. Bad controls. Anyways where the fuck was I? Is this paragraph long enough? Does it hurt your eyes yet? This is nothing new, but it’s the one that pisses me off the most lol. Also I think I included other weird texting, and slangy shit and like, a buncha online crap I’ve often observed. Nothing new though. I don’t hang around on the net much besides Fluther. I don’t even have any regular forums anymore.

Also why is ’‘texting’’ not on my spellcheck?

Although I must say, whatever terms yall got for ’‘drunk fluthering’’...I forgot what it was…flunkering I think…damn spineless worms! (oxymoron lawlz ((how many variations of ’‘lol’’ exist)) anyway)

It’s called gettin’ fuckin’ drunk. :)

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Oh shit man what the fuck. I didn’t have to write all that crap. The newest thing I’ve sen lately is…


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I use ‘wall of text’ fairly often. @Symbeline is right. This isn’t a specific flutherism. I can’t think of anything off the top of my head otherwise. I have to go and pick through @Symbeline‘s wall for secrets now.

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me thinks @Symbeline must have flerpes now from that big wall of text

Don’t listen to me, I’m flunking. Is that the correct term Zen? I haven’t flunked in a long time.

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Flunking. That’s it. Worms! All of you!

@Bellatrix Let me know if you find something cool. And you are a wall texter. :p That’s fine though, your walls are awesome. ’‘is totally carving Bellatrix + Symbeline all over every wall’’

But seriously, you rock, wall or no wall. :)

@jonsblond Yup, and I wish for treatment. :D

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Lol@wall texter… I can be. I will wear that one :D

I have read, and I should go and find this game and this strange person who always types like that…..

Aww blushes… and you are a cheesy chicky!

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@Bellatrix I’ll forgive you if you replace that with cheesy, chicky. ^^

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@jonsblond Last time you flunked, we got into a lovely feeding frenzy, remember! XD

gasp My name is Linguaphile, and I am a wall-texter.

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lol @lingua – we can start a support group!! I just told @symb.. I have paragraphs… ergo .. no wall :D

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wall texters anonymous. I won’t tell anyone :D

btw- if you enter Flunking in search, two of the first four questions are questions that were deleted. One of them was mine. lol

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@jonsblond And as such kinde syre, I bow to thy greatness.

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Wall-O-Text is a new one for me.
Quite amusing too.:)

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Yarnapalooza was pretty hysterical! Lol!

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Peat bog + moderation = peatmod

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I still like POP‘s Professionally Offended People.
I coined it myself so i’m probably a shade biased.

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There was a question recently about flirting that supposedly was going on on Fluther.

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“Poop smith.” One who’s work includes the handling of poop.

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What it do, playa?

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Yeah that is pretty new lol.

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