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What are some rules you generally ignore, and how do you justify it to yourself?

Asked by _zen_ (7854points) July 28th, 2011

At work or play. Laws or rules. Every day, or once in a blue moon. What do you do – how do you do it – and what do you say to yourself, or don’t.

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I jay walk all the time. I also sometimes pee in public!

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If I blow through a late caution signal and I know any second it will change to red, if it dissappears over my roof before I see it happen then it doesn’t count.

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Selective hearing loss. That’s what I blame it on.

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@Schroedes13 Jay walking is sooo wrong.

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@woodcutter: Actually, I learned in driving school that it doesn’t actually count. When I was learning how to drive, my driving instructor actually said that if I passed under a yellow light before it turned red, even if it turned red right behind me, I would not be penalized.

As for the rules I break, I hang out with coworkers who are of a different level than I am, which my company prohibits. I do this because their reasons for prohibiting it are ridiculous. They claim it’s to prevent favoritism. The coworker I hang out with the most has no control over the schedule, when I take time off, how much I get paid or my annual review.

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@woodcutter That’s why I always look both ways! You just never know! :P

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I will Push the door even when it says Pull.

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I jaywalk if there’s no cars. I actually got a fine for that once lol.

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@KatawaGrey But it doesn’t count to me:) If it turns red and I see it, well then the jig is up, I stop.

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I don’t always follow the arrows in a parking lot. I may go out on an in arrow or vice versa. You can cause chaos doing that, but it’s in a parking lot. They can’t arrest you unless you hit something. I may have to suffer the humiliation of being honked at but there it is. I don’t have to be uptight ALL the time do I?

Oh, and I don’t follow the rules cooking. Baking things, I do, but anything else, I do it my way, not the recipe’s. Usually comes out okay.

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Speed limits, especially the ones on the corner recommendations. We always went by double it and add 10 on those.

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I always jaywalk. I also drive through yellow lights, but that seems to be a pretty common Torontonian custom. I always drive at least 10km/hr over the speed limit – at least 20km over on the highway.

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I used up all the bandwidth at work, does that count?

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*use up

Also, sometimes I turn left on red – not only to stick it to the man, but also because it should be a damn yield like a right turn…

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@Seelix Fuck yellow lights, we do that here too. XD

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I don’t shutdown all the other programs that are running when I install new software.

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@rOs You do left turns on red? You want those who do right on red to yield to you? I hope you don’t keep any dope in your car there!

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@woodcutter Yes. No. I use a carrier pigeon.

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