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Do you have bipolar disorder? How do you treat it in your case?

Asked by buster (10239points) May 1st, 2008
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We had a Great question about this recently. It might behoove you to look over it. :)

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I got diagnosed with bipolar 2 and maintaining a healthy dose of gabapentin seems to be working for me. I also take Ativan for when I get too weird for words, like today…

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i just want to know other peoples experience with different medications. what meds worked for you. what didnt. has any of them caused you to gain weight etc..

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Does anyone know if there are mild forms of bipolar disorder?

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Go to or and check out the forums. There are lots of posting from people with bipolar disorder about what has worked for them and also what hasn’t. It takes a while to figure out what “cocktail” of meds will work for you. I take a combination of Lamictal, Gabapentin,Seraquel, & Zoloft. I am happier and healthier than I have ever been in my entire life. I wish I had been diagnosed sooner. It could have saved me a lot of heartache. I urge anyone who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder to seek treatment.

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I have bi-polar II (Simone, that is the milder form of bi-polar), and have been stable on Prozac and Seroquel for about three years now. Zoloft did cause me to gain weight, that’s why I switched to Prozac. This combo seems to work quite well for me without any significant side-effects, but it took a lot of tweaking the meds to get it right.

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@supernutjob: I heard that if you’re bipolar, taking antidepressants will make you manic. That doesn’t happen to you? Forgive me, I’m new at this.

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Welbutrin made me CRAZY MANIC, so I went off of it. Prozac has not had that effect, or maybe it is offset by Seroquel.

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maybe its the seroquel. I could barely move on that stuff!

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i think seroquel or lithium made me gain 40 pounds.

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me too man. I’m starting to think that mania isn’t such a bad thing!

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I haven’t gained any weight on the Seroquel, maybe it is the lithium.

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i have no idea
i think everyone can be bipolar at times
but of course there is people with serious cases of it which would make it a disorder .
i treat it by not spazzing out and controlling myself and think of the consequences of my actions beforehand

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@SuperMouse omg, I take Seroquel, and it gives me the carb muchies

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I tried Abilify for a while and I swear I never felt not hungry!

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