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Any ideas on what I should do with 635 carats of rough opal?

Asked by cheebdragon (19394points) May 1st, 2008 from iPhone
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is this what you got with your $50?

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Carve a dazzling wizard.

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No I didn’t buy them, I just ended up with them…...long story

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‘ended up,” eh…

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Make me grill with that opal, something extra fancy.

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Id say take it to a jeweler if it has no sentimental value, get a necklace or some earrings cut and sell whats left. Youll get something nice, and some money. Sounds like a win win to me

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that’s a good idea, I think I’ll start looking in to that actually, thank you!
There is no reason for them to just go to waste.

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glad to be of assistance

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i was going to say just sell it. But Fallenangel’s idea is much better

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