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Battle of the chocolate mixes. Quality Street or Roses, which is your favourite?

Asked by Bellatrix (21228points) July 29th, 2011

Leading on from picking your favourite Quality Street chocolate, the challenge was thrown down by one jelly to find out which was the most popular, Quality Street or Roses. So please vote for your favourite out of Quality Street or Roses. (I have left out Celebration, Favourites and any other mini chocolate bar mixes on purpose).

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Well, I’ll have to pick Quality Street because I heard of it first, a couple of hours ago. This is based on no personal tasting experience whatsoever.

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Never heard of either one, where do you get them? I’m willing to go out and do a taste test. :)

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Quality Street for me but we only ever have them in the house at Christmas.

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Quality Street! MHMMM.

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@Seaofclouds, keep in touch with @JilltheTooth she is on a Quality Street hunt.

I would say Quality Street for me too.

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Quality Street!

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Roses, no contest. I love Cadbury’s chocolate.

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Roses, although once again it has to be said, the wife utterly dictates the rations I get.

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Roses win for me. Quality Street has too many plain toffees which I’m not fond of.

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So I just searched amazon. It seems that Quality Street is Nestle’ and Roses is Cadbury. Therefore, Roses, because I love Cadbury. This is for those of us in the U.S. who’ve never had or heard of Roses or Quality Street.

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I have favourites from both tins but I have to say cadburys chocolate is better than nestle xx

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Quality Street because of those yummy (yes, I used the word ‘yummy’) crunchy orange bits one, wrapped in foil. :D

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@MilkyWay! Hope your holiday is going well. I will do up a count in a day or so and give the verdict.

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I like Cadbury and Nestle both pretty equally, so I guess it would be a tie for me.

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