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When's the last time you felt like a huge weight was lifted from your shoulders?

Asked by Mariah (24638points) July 29th, 2011

What were the circumstances?

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When I came back to work from vacation to find out that my boss would be on vacation for 2 weeks (roughly 2 weeks ago)

But since hell be back on Monday the weight is getting heavy again.

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Last week at my annual trip to the oncologist and then on Wednesday at my Internist’s.

I was declared in robust health by both doctors with perfect blood work and cholesterol. The routine exercise and the vegetarian eating is paying off.

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when I passed a chemistry course I was taking this summer.

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A few weeks past as I waited all filled with stress, eventually, I came to realize my junk is not going to fall off, and I breathe a sigh of relief.

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Congrats all around, guys!

I’ve recently decided to stop expecting extraordinary things from myself. I know that sounds negative, but as a lifelong overachiever, the decision was actually hugely positive for me and I’m starting to feel the relief from it. Old habits die hard though, and I caught myself falling back into old thought processes the other day. I stepped back, reminded myself that all the perceived pressure was actually coming from within, and I decided to turn down the pressure. What a sense of relief that brought.

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Last Wednesday when I finished my American Government class. I have have two more classes, but that one was just fucking brutal for me.

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December 31, 2008, 12 midnight. At one minute past midnight, my retirement began as I ended my 44 year career as a police officer. Wearing a police uniform carries a lot of responsibility for the care and protection of the public. This responsibility also carries a heavy phsycological burden, that some officers can just not tolerate. I think it’s a matter of self-control in dealing with various situations.

Even while I was still an active officer and on vacation, the long-arm of the law just never seemed to go away. I would receive phone calls about various cases, even in Aruba. I just never seemed to have a day to myself.

The day I pulled the pin on my badge was the day the weight actually was lifted off my shoulders. I retired my uniforms to the closet for evermore.

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When school ended…No questions asked…but sadly the wight is gonna come back soon… :(

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It was a few years ago when I finally decided I didn’t give a shit anymore if my SIL was giving me the silent treatment.

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About 4.5 months ago when I let go of a toxic friend I had known for 7 years.
The passive aggressive, sneaky, manipulative type. Her little games could no longer be ignored, the jig was up. haha
I think she couldn’t really believe I was actually dumping her for good. Believe it! lol

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Haha…nice little Freudian slip there ” since HELL be back”.....hahaha, perfect, your subconscious nailed your feelings smack on target. My boss can be hell too, grouchy old man syndrome a lot of the time. lol

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I was about 7 months ago when I looked myself in the mirror and realized that the life I was leading wasn’t the one I needed to be living. I was spending every night partying, and getting COMPLETELY twisted. Pain killers, alcohol, weed, the list goes on, and I was not the man I wanted to be. My sister, who is my world, saw me one night and I realized the next morning when I looked in the mirror, I needed to change. I did, and that was the biggest weight lifted off my chest in a long time.

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Yay! Good insight, and congratulations for kicking multiple bad habits all at once. That takes some big balls and an even bigger brain! ;-)

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8 months ago when I finally realized there is a God who pushes you to do more than you ever knew was possible…I cried!

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I got an email that let me know I wasn’t as batshitcrazy as I thought I was. wheeew.

A great weigh was lifted when I realized I will indeed be finished with a series of pathetic hoops I have to jump for my job in March 2012, not December 2012. Ask me again in March!

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Can’t remember, to be perfectly honest.
I’m hoping this upcoming Thursday will be the day.

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Today when I told my daugther what I thought of her relationship. It wasn’t pretty but having to lie by omission or acting like I thought it was great, was killing me. I don’t like to lie. I was surpised what a great relief it was to finally tell the truth, even if she did get pissed at me.

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@Coloma Thanks a ton :) it took some work, but I did it!

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When my schedule for Fall semester finally went through, and I was able to get into the ‘literature of science fiction’ class I’ve been really wanting to take.

My school has been such a pain – I hate having to use computer to set everything up. First, my financial aid wouldn’t go through because it said I hadn’t taken a test (the wonderful FCAT, of course!) that I took three years ago and passed. I went to the school to talk to someone, and it turned out to be a glitch in the system and was eventually fixed. Then my financial aid still wasn’t going through, and I went back to the school twice and it finally came up (though it certainly waited until I was in a right panic).
Then (and this is after I already signed up for classes) it said that I hadn’t proved my Florida residency and wouldn’t be able to complete registration until I did so. I ‘proved my residency’ over a year ago…I went to the school and waited 45 minutes in the hopes of figuring it out, gave up and went back home to call a rather unenthusiastic and unhelpful advisor, then emailed back and forth for a few days with a very nice advisor, only to find out that it was yet another lovely glitch which evidently fixed itself and ended up making me feel like a jerk wasting the nice advisor’s time.
Now I’ve resolved to just not sign in anymore so if there are any more false alarms, I simply won’t know about them until they’ve fixed themselves.

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When I gave my friend “Tubby Timmy” a piggy back, now that was an error of judgement.

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When my partner decided to stop talking about it and actually take action to improve his health which was a huge issue in our relationship being able to go any further.

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