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Is it rude/unprofessional to ask a volunteer job poster how much the provided stipend is?

Asked by Glow (1366points) July 31st, 2011

I found a posting for a volunteer position on and the posting says there is a stipend provided. I wanted to ask them how much the stipend was when I inquired about the position, but I felt it might be a bit too much.

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I don’t see how they would find it wrong to ask since they posted it.

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I figured they may find it rude for someone to inquire about a volunteer position and ask about the money. Just don’t want them thinking that’s what I am thinking about :/

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A stipend is practically never enough to cover your living expenses. If this is a time-consuming position, you have every right – and duty, actually – to know how much of your own money you will need to make up the difference. However dedicated to the cause, you don’t want to accept a job you can’t afford to have.

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Thanks, I feel a little better about asking now. It’s not time consuming, i believe the posting said it was a twice a month thing, and yes, I was wondering about the pay since I do need to make up the difference in some other job.

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I don’t think it’s rude at all….you have to still support yourself when you volunteer . You aren’t Melinda Gates or Trudie Styler (I’m guessing you’re not…anyway.)

Just word it dipolomatically….: “Hello, I applied for one of your positions and I would love to do this work…..” then just talk about the position, and what it entails. They might actually offer the information in the conversation. Or they might just say, “Do you have any more questions?” And you can say, ‘Yes, I understand there is a bit of a stipend provided? What would that be as I would just like to be able to know what I will need to provide for myself additionally to do this work…because I really think this position is something I would really enjoy.”

If they don’t seem to be forthcoming toward the end….just say, “Oh, yes, one more thing…you mentioned a stipend…? ” Usually that will work.

Write down both of these options, put them by the phone…in case you get nervous and forget what to say.

All the best of luck to you….and I think it’s great you are volunteering!

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Those are some great lines and info, thanks!

I love volunteering. I currently volunteer now, and it pays a stipend too. It’s great work, better than a dead-end job :P

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Regarding my posting….that was meant to be diplomatically….not whatever awful word I typed in incorrectly…lol!

@Glow…Thanks….and all the best of luck to you…let us know how it turns out. I’m glad you are enjoying what you do…when you enjoy what you do…it frees the energy to actually find the great career that makes you happy and pays you what you are worth. This volunteer position will probably lead to lots of great doors opening. (Hooray!)

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