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What's the best app for an iPod/apple device?

Asked by Tay122 (416points) July 31st, 2011

I need some new games on my ipod touch, money or free, what’s the funnest game you know of? Or, maybe it’s not a game, just something NOT boring please! Basically the coolest thing you have on your apple devices.

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I suggest the Movies app by Flixter, it comes in handy if you wanna check movie times on the go.

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Best RSS reader (syncs flawlessly with Google Reader) is Reeder. There’s also Flipboard, which is impressive, but not necessarily as useful.

Web Albums syncs with Picasaweb.

Dropbox is really handy.

Calengoo is probably the best Google Calendar app.

GoTasks for Google Tasks.

JotNot for scanning documents.

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I think Angry Birds is free, or has a free option.

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Pocket Frogs is just so darned cute. Absolutely useless, but cute.

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@JilltheTooth Is similar to Pocket Penguins? If so, I won’t be able to resist!

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@Leanne1986 : No, not the same, it’s a game. However, I find myself watching those pocket penguins all the time! I even enjoyed watching those girls clean the habitat the other day!!!

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