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What should I do when I go to bed and I can't sleep?

Asked by edmartin101 (776points) May 2nd, 2008

Perhaps I am busy thinking and excited what’s gonna happen tomorrow during my presentation, perhaps is only in my subconscious mind and I am not thinking anything.

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Do what I do..Fluther!

I keep a pad of paper next to the bed. if thoguths keep running through my head, i jot them down. It seems to help ‘put them to rest.” Another thing I do is stare at the ceiling and try not to blink. It makes my eyes tired and after awhile, I can’t help but close them. Soon after, I fall asleep. if all else fails, warm milk really does work.

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Try to solve mathematical equations or watch sound of music – always works for me.

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The hills are alive… la la la la…... yep, that would do it for me too!

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@wildflower “Try to solve mathematical equations” wow!! never thought about that. Are you an engineering manager? Hey you hit the jackpot with this one “Suzan Erens sings The Sound Of Music at The Hofburg Palace” that for sure will put me to sleep….......thanks
@scamp staring at the ceiling w/o closing my eyes….....hmmmm I got to try it. Put my ideas to rest by writing them sounds like a good deal
thanks for your answers!!

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Go rub one out, one of those awful stains that need some good scrubbing.

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haha…..not far off, but I’m not an engineering type myself, hence why wrecking my brain over equations will put me right to sleep…..although occasionally it just makes me wonder why you can’t be more innovative and creative when working with maths and numbers…......

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@edmartin101 You’re welcome! You could also try this

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Try hot, passionate sex with your spouse/significant other/mate/partner to the point of exhaustion. If that doesn’t work, at least you had a good time making the attempt.

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@ scamp ~ that’s beautiful! Is it just from youtube or have you been to that garden?

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@ edmartin101 ~ I like to go to sleep listening to something. Larry King’s voice is very soothing, sometimes I’ll put his show on and set my tv’s timer.

I also like listening to music as I doze off. I find some soundtracks have the perfect music for this. A regular favorite is The Hours or Pride and Prejudice. I play them on my iPhone and set up the timer, usually 30 minutes does the trick.

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i always listen to macbreak tech, just 3/4 guys talking about how to set up a home server for instance, but they go into so much detail, you fall asleep because you’re more focussed on them then on staying awake

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go to the doctor and get some seroquel.

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Read a book.

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I use a CD. But not just ANY CD. This CD actually hypnotises me to sleep. The guys name is Travis Fox and the CD is called insomnia no more. Look it up

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@whatthefluther I’ve done it before, sometimes works sometimes doesn’t. I’ve also try exercise like doing push-ups, my blood is pumping, I’m tired but my brain keeps quite active afterwards. This happens only when I am looking forward to something coming up, so I would say is not a big deal.
@scamp That music in such a peaceful garden will do the trick!
@mcbealer The Hours is a classic, nice, this one will also do the trick b/c of the soft music. On the hand Pride and Prejudice doesn’t b/c of the singing part and it takes me back to a cool experience I had with an ex gf.
@Adina1968 It would have to be a boring one b/c if it’s interesting I wouldn’t want to stop

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I often struggle with this problem. Sometimes it’s because the temperature of my place is wrong, or I’m hungry. So I’ll get up and try to fix whatever might be subconciously bothering me. Then I usually read something calming or watch FitTV (the yoga program is so perfect for this…not that I’d actually DO the yoga, but watching it is nice). Finally, I sometimes have to talk myself out of worrying about whatever it is I’m worrying about. Once in a while, writing down a to do list helps.

I’ve also just come to accept I’m not particularly good at sleeping. It so key to my sanity that I don’t have to get up at a certain time.

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This may sound silly, but you could try shutting your body down by saying goodnight to every body part. Start at your big toe on the right foot and move to the next toe, etc…the more specific and detailed the better. For me not being able to sleep is because I am thinking of too many different things, so this helps me focus on the task of not missing any body part and i visualize my whole body going to sleep.

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@ richmarshall ~ I will have to try that!

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@mcbealer No I haven’t been there, I just found it on youtube, but I saved it to my favorites for those times when I cant sleep.

@richmarshall that’s an excellent idea!

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Try Reading Alan Carrs book on how to quit smoking. I never managed to get past page three when I read it in bed before nodding off

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Those mysterious experts (whoever they are) say that if you can’t sleep, don’t stay in bed. Staying in bed may train your mind that it’s ok to just hang out there, or it becomes that annoying place were you can’t go to sleep. Get up, do something completely different (preferably not mentally or physically stimulating), and then try again.

Me – I take a benadryl.

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One way to stop your thoughts from invading your mind would be meditation. Not all can master meditation from the first time they try, but it is definitely worth a try. You can start with something very small, like scanning your body and noticing how you feel instead of focusing on your thoughts. This should keep your mind occupied with something positive and sleep-inducing, at least for a while. Don’t expect it to function like a charm from the very first time, but the more you try, the better it will be. If you don’t fancy meditation, try reading before sleep. Boring books work the best. Choose easy reads in random topics. While reading, play white noise. One option that worked for me is Sleep Automatic, but you can choose other apps too, or play something on YouTube. The app is a more convenient option though, and it can become a habit quicker. Hope it helps!

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