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Why is my Mac talking to me?

Asked by joeysefika (3093points) May 2nd, 2008

I was about to press apple-R to reload my page but i pressed a different combination by mistake and now everything i click on or type is repeated by a voice over my speakers. E.G if i click on the address bar on safari is says the address typed in there and also says each letter as im typing it. How do i disable this?

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haha! I’ve done the same thing once or twice…’ve enabled ‘speakable items’ or ‘text to speech’.
Go to your System Preferences -> Speech and check your settings.

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Thanks a bunch wildflower that fixed it

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No probs…...out of curiosity, which voice was on it?

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set it to Bad News or Zarvox…..if you happen to enable it again, you’ll laugh yourself silly.

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It’s turned into Hal! Argh!

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Unplug it before it starts singing. Actually, ask it to tell you a joke, they are sweet. It should do some generic knock knock jokes I think.

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I like Bruce. Haha. He has a soothing voice.

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