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Where can I buy Kevin Trudeau's HCG weightloss product?

Asked by rawrgrr (1559points) August 2nd, 2011 from iPhone

I wanna surprise my dad since he’s been getting a lil chubs lately. Hehe.

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Not really an answer to your question, but I’ve not known Trudeau to be associated with anything legitimate. I would seek other options. Gym memberships are an old standby.

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I don’t really know what you are looking for, but this is what Amazon returns.

Trudeau is a real huckster though. You’d be much better off buying your dad some free weights or a gym membership, as @Nullo suggested.

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Kevin is a modern day Snake Oil Salesman and been associated with more shady deals than you can count on all our fingers put together! Slimeball personified!

Get your dad a nice pair of hikers and take him for a walk in the woods!

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Trudeau is a shameless huckster who won’t shut up, despite numerous court rulings against him by the Federal Trade Commission and other consumer watchdog agencies, since at least the 1990s, for peddling phony remedies. He’s even been found in contempt of court for disobeying government cease-and-desist orders. And yet his visage persists on late-night infomercials.

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), a hormone produced by pregnant women, has been offered as a bogus weight loss cure for over 50 years, so Trudeau can’t even claim originality. It’s been denounced by, the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, and other scientists who find it worthless. See, for instance, here.

I’m sure your dad doesn’t want to be surprised with fakery and flim-flam.

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Many local health clinics sell the program and product for hundreds of dollars- its by prescription only so you cant get it in a store. You can also buy it from online pharmacies. You have to abide by a 500 calorie per day, no fat, no carb, strict diet while on the program and its grueling. I’ve done it twice its very hard.

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Snake Oil!

The only snake oil I’ve known to work, yet people STILL seem to have an aversion to, is the snake oil that comes out of your pores when you devote 50 minutes, 4 days a week at the gym!

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Yeah thanks guys. Listen, let’s not get in that whole debate but Kevin Trudeau isn’t what you think he is. He is often called a scammer or con artist but let me tell you, he’s far from that. Kevin Trudeau is probably the first person in history who was sued by the government in the hopes of taking his First Amendment (for life) simply for writing a book about diseases that could be cured naturally (that out sold Harry Potter BTW yet we never see this on the news). He was also banned from being on TV, radio, basically exercising his first amendment right for claiming something as simple as oranges eliminate scurvy (which they do).

You think hes a con artist and there’s no corruption? Think again. We don’t live in a free country, what we have is an illusion of freedom and he is one of the few who has the courage to expose the elite class.

Anyways I have had great success with some of his products. I know the stuff he is saying is true because I too have a family member who is was in one of the secret societies Kevin claims to have learned lots of his info from (unfortunately I can’t get into that more, but they do exist! There is a free mason lodge in almost every city in North America for example).

I must admit Kevin really does look like a con artist but do a little more research and don’t just listen to what the main stream media says (which are all mostly controlled by the same people BTW). Research why he was charged for “false and misleading information” or “fraud” and you’ll see. It’s mostly because he’s exposing the drug companies/elite class.

Sorry… I’m rambling. Anyways if anyone wants his CD series called Your Wish is Your Command message me and I’ll send it to you for free (electronically) and you can decide for yourself.

BTW you think jogging will kill the weight? Ahaha, research High Fructose Corn Syrup and you’ll see why 70% of Americans are obese.

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@gasman Yes it is created by pregnant women. Now go on youtube and search peoples reviews of the HCG diet if you’re skeptical.

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Okay, so you’re just spamming. You have no dad, he’s not chubs, etc. You know more about the product you ask about then anyone else, subtle.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Nooooo I do but still nobody has answered my question! Sorry I just get a little too into the topic!

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@rawrgrr Doesn’t the free cd tell you?

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir The cd i mentioned is about the law of attraction.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I offer it to anyone who wants it because I think it could help many people

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@rawrgrr Technically, that’s spamming.

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In case you didn’t know.. he was banned from infomercials for 3 years for his ‘weight-loss’ book.

The man is a well known scam artist.

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@Nullo Okay im sorry!

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The law of attraction is bullshit too. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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Google HCG….it’s all over the net. However, if you want a doctor (MD) supervised HCG program, there is one in Mesa, Arizona.

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@rpm_pseud0name Yes I know, but do you know exactly what he did? Exposed the drug companies

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard That’s all up to you but there is proof too it. Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison proved that the brain sends a vibrational frequency that is picked up by other brains. This same frequency is also proven to affect physical matter. This is called the Law of Attraction

There is proof on this and ill try and PM you a link if I can find it. If I remember correctly i saw a documentary showing monks who were blessing snow or something and the crystallization of the snowflake changed, proving that the mind does affect physical matter.

If you don’t believe in it that’s fine, that’s your opinion.

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I suggest buying the “The Four Hour body” instead; a double bonus, he gets weight loss strategies and increase his sexual virility. It sure has helped me, I now need to gain more weight-muscle. Surprisingly, he has an answer for that too. He is a true Renaissance man in my estimation, I know many disagree with his philosophy, being your own guinea pig; personal results are all that matter for me, and I am very happy experimenting to get the desired results.

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@rawrgrr Is this guy your dad?

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@rawrgrr Not trying to poke at you here but . . . if you know/ believe so much in Mr. T, then why would you need us to tell you where to buy one of his products?!

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@mrrich724 I just recently started learning about his HCG diet and am just looking for a reliable place where I can get the product. Also my computer crashes when I wish his site (probably because of the flash elements) so I just got lazy and decided I’d ask fluther on my phone… shouldnt of done that ahah

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@rawrgrr Just because drug companies don’t want you to be healthy doesn’t mean that everyone selling an alternative is legitimately invested in your life and health. There was a 20/20 story about Trudeau a few years ago that is worth watching. Parts of it are overstated, but the information is quite interesting. One bit from the interview that is worth emphasizing is that, despite his claims to the contrary, other experts on natural medicine refuse to endorse Trudeau’s work. That’s because they know he’s a hack. He drags down those of us who want natural medicine to become mainstream—something that can only happen if and when legitimate research is done to separate the genuine remedies from all the hoaxes, superstitions, and even the honest mistakes.

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@SavoirFaire I believe I’ve seen that before. There was a University of Calgary who discovered a cure for something (can’t remember) and cured the disease with natural herbs. As soon as it become public the evidence disappeared! “Nope it wasn’t us! We never did that!” and the University of Calgary destroyed the documentation.

Did you know in the United States it is illegal to cure a disease with something that isn’t a drug? Crazy isn’t it? Just by saying something as simple as oranges cure scurvy would send me in the slammer. And who created this law? The drug companies

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@rawrgrr Can you back up your claim that it’s illegal to cure a disease without using a drug? If that were true, no doctor would ever give nutritional advice, so I find it pretty hard to believe.

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@augustlan Sure ill try and find something! Just give me a few min

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@rawrgrr: No one is going to the slammer for mentioning that oranges cure scurvy. The disease is caused by a vitamin C deficiency, a fact that has been known for a very l-o-o-n-g time.

“It was described by Hippocrates (c. 460 BC–c. 380 BC), and herbal cures for scurvy have been known in many native cultures since prehistory.” Source

The British navy always took on tons of fresh limes (and other citrus fruit plus tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage and green peppers) to deal with scurvy routinely since the Napoleonic wars.

Please show me the scientific evidence of Einstein’s and Edison’s (?) proof of the brain wave theory.

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@augustlan The reason it is illegal to cure a disease with something natural that isn’t prescribed by the drug companies is because it’s impossible to patent. Once the sickness gets the label “disease” it must, by law be treated with a drug.

After some digging I found something for you. Codex Alimentarus which is basically global food rules which many countries follow (including the United States). From wikipedia “It is reported that in 1996 the German delegation put forward a proposal that no herb, vitamin or mineral should be sold for preventive or therapeutic reasons, and that supplements should be reclassified as drugs.”
Here’s another source.

Nutrients are allowed. Only some in small doses which are so small that they have no effective use in treating or curing disease.

Also, Here’s a story of a man jailed for trying to sell/promoting online apricot seeds as an alternative remedy for cancer.

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@augustlan Also you can probably find it in your state law.

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@rawrgrr I’m looking for a specific law that forbids using scientifically proven alternatives to drugs. The dude selling apricot seeds was committing fraud, as far as I can tell. If I decided to sell fingernail clippings to cure asthma, I’d go to jail, too.

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@augustlan You don’t know if it was effective treatment of not. The government is corrupt. Just because they say it’s fraud doesn’t make it so (yes i know how it sounds but bear with me). Kevin Trudeau for example, was fined with “false and misleading information” and fraud because of his weight loss remedy. Despite all the attacks by the government, they couldn’t challenge Kevin’s claims. They eventually had to accept that it was the most effective way to lose weight. Nobody could challenge the claim in court! which is the funny thing. Listen this is a whole other topic but the government isn’t all good as they want people to believe.

Laws passed by the FDA state “This statement or “disclaimer” is required by law (DSHEA) ... The manufacturer is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and truthfulness of these claims… The disclaimer must also state that this product is not intended to “diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease,” because only a drug can legally make such a claim.”

Or even simpler, the FDA has said “Only a drug can cure, prevent, or treat a disease.”

Although you can sell such nutrients you can’t say (or advertise as cures) they cure disease because “only a drug can legally make such a claim.”

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@rawrgrr Researchers at the University of Calgary did not discover an herbal cure for diabetes. What they did was research on possible herbal cures as part of a much larger and ongoing project involving diabetes. None of the research has disappeared. Trudeau simply presented it in a misleading way and then refused to defend himself when called on it.

Also, it is not illegal to cure a disease with something that isn’t a drug, and you have presented no evidence to the contrary. All you have shown is that non-drugs cannot be sold bearing statements that they will cure a disease. Non-drugs can, however, claim that they might be useful in managing diseases as long as they carry a message stating that the FDA has not evaluated any such claims. They just can’t say that they will cure a disease.

I am all for alternative and complementary medicine, but let’s not pretend the situation is more dire than it actually is. There are many people who would like to suppress all research in the area, and defending charlatans is just grist for their mill.

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@SavoirFaire Thank you for correcting me, I guess I should have chosen my words more carefully. My mistake! Yes, nobody can go out in the streets and sell organic herbs claiming they cure disease legally (even if they do!). You could be charged. Although such remedies can be sold and are legal you can’t say they cure a disease.

Drugs are widely known by many scientists to not cure disease, but mask the symptoms. They will never actually cure the problem. But despite all the evidence the government mandates that all doctors only promote methods that are proven to fail. This means your doctor will not be selling the cure for Alzheimers anytime soon, but instead drugs to mask the problems.

The reasons this is done firstly, because alternative remedies such as natural remedies are un-patentable. And second, the drug companies make far too much money to be put out of business by some natural herb. Drugs never cure the problem, they keep you buying more for the rest of your life (now thats a good business!) There are natural cures for everything but the drug companies would never let these put them out of business, there is far too much money at stake.

This is a big problem. What good are any alternative remedies if nobody is  allowed to know what they can cure? Nobody will ever find real cures because nobody is allowed to sell them! Your doctor will always be forced to use the same ineffective drug treatment forever. By keeping drugs as the sole remedy we will stay a country full of disease, and that is the big problem.

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Antibiotics certainly do cure illness, and I’m sure there are many others that I can’t think of at the moment I am tired. And plenty of commercial drugs are based on natural remedies… aspirin, for one. I really don’t want to argue with you, but you seem to have bought into a conspiracy theory.

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Alternative remedies can be real and powerful. Marijuana helps millions of patients. Valerian helps hundreds of thousands of people to feel less anxious and to fall asleep. Powerful antioxidants like Grape Seed Extract and Pine Bark contain Proanthocyanidins that literally repel the dangerous oxidizing free radicals of the body. All that stuff is proven. In addition to that I also believe in the 9/11 Truth crowd. I also suspect my government in all sorts of information suppression and false flag operations. And I am the type of person that Kevin Trudeau has decided to market to. He mixes truth and fact with all the earnestness, friendliness and straight faces of people like ‘psychic’ John Edwards. Kevin Trudeau is nothing but a charlatan who has effectively stumbled across an untapped demographic. He is intelligent, brilliant, and evil. There is no such thing as “The Secret Society of the Brotherhood”. (Yes, I’m well aware of real groups such as the Knights Templar, The 34 degree and above Masons, The Bilderbergers, The Rothschilds, etc.)

As for obtaining Trudeau’s actual products, a quick search showed me exactly where to buy such snake oil. Direct from him, or from one of his MLM/pyramid scheme victims.

His radio show (which is really a paid infomercial… he pays to have his show aired by buying time blocks. All he has to do is sell one membership into his fake secret club one or two times a week per station, and it pays off) airs on around 50 or so stations.

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@Kraigmo Yes alternative remedies can be extremely beneficial. Also the brotherhood is the bilderberg group Im pretty sure. They’re just labeled as the bilderberg group because they held their first meeting at a hotel called bilderberg but they also go by the brotherhood I heard.

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@rawrgrr …go on youtube and search peoples reviews…
Good grief, if testimonials constituted valid evidence we could dispense with all of medical science—you know, double-blinded protocols, concerns about placebo effect, observer bias, statistical power, etc. etc. Silly scientists demanding credible scientific evidence…sounds like a conspiracy :)

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I wasn’t going to come back to this mess, but you’re sounding more ridiculous by the minute, @rawrgrr and this is coming from someone who has a biology degree and a public health degree and from someone who know how questionable (read: non-existent) the ethicks of pharmaceutical companies are. The guy who served up apricot seeds as the cure for cancer should be jailed for the rest of his life because charlatans like him make tons of money off vulnerable desperate cancer patients. Sure, it is a FACT that chemo and radiation are only semi-effective in a lot of people and that a good diet full of juices and veggies will help prevent a lot of stuff but to offer anything to a terminal patient that is fluff is criminal, imo. My father, dying of stage four colon cancer, refused tx (which patients may do, that is their right) in favor of oxygenated water baths and some guy who hooked him up to ‘biomedical’ machinery in order to ‘prove’ how alkylated his system was. He paid him upwards of $30000 in 2 months, money we didn’t have, money we’re still paying and it did fucking squat. If it wasn’t for my mother who asked me not to, I’d write up this ‘doctor’ in every Russian newspaper.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir BTW

** I really don’t mean to offend anyone! I’m just saying what I think and I find such a discussion beneficial for everyone hoping to learn more on the subject. I hope you can all forgive me if i’ve stepped on any toes!


Look I’m just saying that the government should spend more long term research on natural cures instead of using drugs.They call natural treatment “unproven” and suppress the evidence yet refuse to do the research, nor will the FDA evaluate independent scientific evidence.There are doctors in jail or harassed for daring to help patients with natural cures (that work btw).

Yes it is a good thing to catch those who lie to desperate people (but sometimes their methods do work, just not accepted by the fda). Thousands of natural cures are removed by the FDA yet the false advertising by many drug companies are free of punishment. And don’t even get me started on the corruption regarding the fluoride in our drinking water.

The problem is that the FDA will never study the effectiveness of natural treatments because such things are considered “food products” and are not recognized as being viable evidence since the fda doesn’t test their effectiveness (and never will). And so, natural treatments will always be declared as “false” and “misleading” by the FDA because they don’t study it (and never will because it’s not a drug), even if it works!

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Also I am extremely sorry to hear about your father. I hope he is getting better. I know how it feels and I hope you’re doing well

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@rawrgrr , I don’t think you’ve said anything offensive at all. In fact even though I know with all my heart and soul that Kevin Trudeau is a fraud, a liar, a charlatan, and has no empathy…. the very fact you look into these things makes me see you as more intelligent than the average person who at your age is only interested in movies, gadgets, and Friday nights, and at my age is only interested in dinner and the kids. Mr. Trudeau and I share some 1st generation mutual acquaintances. We both have aired on the same station. He’s a salesman. But that doesn’t take away the fact that there are hidden “miracle” natural treatments, bonafide conspiracies, and other things he talks of. But he takes advantage of “truthers” in the same way Bush took advantage of “Christians”.

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@rawrgrr I didn’t know that the FDA did research; I figured that they were a regulatory body.

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