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How much is a kidney?

Asked by anthony81212 (389points) September 9th, 2008

Apparently they’re expensive on the black market. Anyone who is familiar with the subject care to share the typical price?

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not nearly as much as a heart of brain

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i saw a documentary of this here in the Philippines a few years ago… apparently, some people sell their kidneys for 40,000 PHP – i am not sure about the exact price but it is dirt cheap for organs… It is illegal and I personally think it is unethical to buy organs in the black market. most people who sell theirs are often “fooled” by recruiters – the recruiters get most of the money and are the ones who are in direct contact with the customers. donors who are willing are either uneducated or misinformed about the consequences. it’s sad :(

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I looked into selling one when I wanted an iPhone, it’s hard to get a good price for an organ these days.

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They cost an arm and a leg.

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I got an e-mail one time, that said that you can get one, FREE, if you drug someone, then when they wake up, they find themselves sitting in a bathtub filled with ice and there is this note that they need to read, which explains that one of their kidneys was removed and…

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How much you got? I mean jeez I have two of ‘em…

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And you can only “spare” ONE of them…

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Liver, now that’s an organ you can share around!

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Actually, a liver can be shared.

I read somewhere in a news article (I’m sorry, but I can’t remember exactly where) that a person can lose as much as 80% of their liver, and the remainder will not only continue to function well, it will, like a starfish, re-grow back to its original size.

The article where I read that, noted that some woman had donated over half of her own liver to her biological daugher, whose own diseased liver had to be completely removed.

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Here in the PI it cost only $1,000.00— 40,000 on our money

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PI = Philippine Islands?

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Half price from a Monster Energy Drink addict.

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Yep, PI stands for Philippine Islands, land of the Kidney!

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I found mine sitting in a garbage can. There I was, minding my own business, when I turned my head and there it was… a kidney… glistening in the sun. I shoved it in my purse and drove straight to the hospital. 2 months later and I have the best set of plumbing this side of the Mississippi!


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My sister donated one of hers

the doctors miss managed the medications on the receiver and it died.

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I am very glad that it is against the law. I think the penalties should be much stiffer. People selling organs are desperate. There is an enormous power imbalance.

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I’ll sell some body parts if anyone is interested in a 40 yr old’s male organ’s—I also have a piano for sale too….

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Selling pianos sometimes gives the seller the keys to financial success.

And on that note, I will pedal on out of here…

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poofandmook I’m rolling!! :D

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This sound to me like some kind of joker.

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There was an ad published several years ago in The Berkeley Barb.

The ad read, For sale, one average-sized penis. Hardly used.

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@uberbatman. I took the survey. My results:You are worth exactly $1,836,076. I might as well end it all now, huh?

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Im worth $2,202,030 w00t ^_^

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Apparently I’m worth $2,416,562.00.

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I took the survey.

It said they I would have to pay them.

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I’m worth 550 Philippine pesos, but in Lichtenstein the deutchmark exchange rate doubles my value because convenience stores have organ donations in the refrigerators.

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$2.9 million!

I have my doubts about that IQ test they link to. I mean, I’ve been called a genius before, but usually sarcastically. According to that, I’m only nine points away from Einstein.

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Oh yeah—I’ll sell you one of my kidneys. I hardly use them.

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What’s your bid?

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I think I’m on sale, I’m only worth $1,838,602. :(

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When the market rules, things can get a little haywire. It has been claimed, 17 Americans die each day waiting for a kidney: link, but given the state of health service delivery in the US, it is debatable how many of these 17 would get an organ if it could be purchased on the open market. The first consideration is cost. How much does the owner of the kidney get? and by owner, I mean the actual donor, not his agent, nor his broker, etc. Does the purchase price include the risk to the donor? It has been known for a donor to lose the other kidney – disease, accident, etc. There must be some reason we are born with two. At what stage do the negotiations begin? before, or after , compatibility is established? What controls are necessary? X might be able to afford a dozen kidneys, but is a poor risk for a transplant. Y is a better risk, in fact, is practically guaranteed to live out his threescore and ten, but cannot get because he has no insurance. You have to consider these anomalies. It is not like selling shoes.

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BTW, I have just discovered that I have a kidney stone. Still quite small, not a problem (now). But it does mean that my other kidney is not for sale.

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it is legal in china to buy a organ..

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It depends on the Country.I am trying to offer my kidney for free,minimal expenses only to someone understanding enough and Liberal enough who is willing to help me with something ,which is legal in Estonia and Switzerland, Estonia being the most Liberal, it is something which would be my last wish.I can’t say I am a great person, I would say I am a Christian and Buddhist and Athiest and Agnostic who fears God and at times does not believe in God but just wants to say, Father, on this Earth I was born and at least I can give you this to help save the life of at least one nice compassionate understanding person .

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