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Is there a way to get rid of bruises?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5864points) August 4th, 2011

I always get bruises from lacrosse and volleyball. I currently have a huge one on my thigh. I got it from diving for a ball and a girl tripped over me. (she was new.)

It hurts really bad and it’s really embarrasing. It’s summer, and I will not wear pants. Can I getridd of it?

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Nope, the only thing that will get rid it is time.

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Time will heal them sometimes you can speed it along by using ice cold and hot compresses after the first full day. Ten minute intervals.

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Lavender oil helps bruises heal faster.

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What @Tropical_Willie said, also, if you ice it right away after a game or practice, the bruise won’t come in nearly as dark. Ibuprofen could help too, but don’t be taking that all the time. Eat oranges. They are rich in potassium, which will help with clotting, and vitamin c which helps prevent bruising in the first place.

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I’ve always rubbed my bruises some and it kinda breaks them up. But rubbing bruises hurts, so i just leave em. I don’t care if they show. I like to think it makes me look a tad bit on the badass side. However, if any of you have methods of covering up hickies, lemme know.

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You could try an arnica salve as well

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Are there not also camouflaging make ups for these cases?
I know someone who uses stuff (sorry, don’t know how we call these things) to camouflage the dark circles around her eyes when they appeared due to tiredness.
Surely there must be Jellies who have knowledge on this matter?!

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Next time be sure to put Ice on it right away. The ice helps to slow down the blood from ruptured capillaries. It will take a few days to weeks for the blood to be reabsorbed by your body and the damaged tissue to heal.
For now all you can really do is wait. Eat plenty of fruits so you can heal faster on the inside and apply foundation to the area to make it appear lighter. Only don’t get caught in the rain and don’t go swimming.
But I don’t see why a bruise is such a big deal. I can understand if it was on your face. I always bump into things and get bruises on my legs. Everyone gets them.
Got a nasty one on my thigh once from hitting the wrong switch on a ceiling fan and it dropped on my right thigh. It bruised my whole thigh. I was amazed at how quickly it healed. I had to put a lot of ice on it because it was quickly swelling. Within a month the only reminder that remained was the scars from the scratches.

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Bruises are cool [as long as you don’t get them from assaults or domestic violence].

Just like guys brag about their scars.

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