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Is your TV hard of hearing too?

Asked by ETpro (34600points) March 5th, 2010

Why can’t modern science do something to improve the poor hearing of our television sets? I swear mine is totally deaf. I listen to political pundits spin this way and that, and even yelling at the top of my lungs doesn’t cut through their chatter and get them to listen to me instead of spouting their spin. Isn’t it time to develop a TV that is at least halfway decent at listening?

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They do. And all TV’s have this function.

It is called OFF. :-) Say it then do it.

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Try throwing a shoe at it!

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They hear perfectly fine. They’re just ignoring you.

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You could also try not using the “ON” function.I rarely do…:)

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I wonder what the Vulcan Science Directorate has to say about this….

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What I want to know is why my TV goes hard of hearing during the commercials and turns the volume way up!

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Yes, and I am unhappy with hr choice in dresses, too.

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TV. As in Transvestite?

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That’s what I was thinking, too.

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