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I'm going to my first festival, any ground rules?

Asked by rOs (3517points) August 4th, 2011

My SO and I are going to Kanrocksas tomorrow. It’ll be my first 2-day concert. Any interesting/amusing advise from seasoned festival-goers?

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Have a fall back time and place as you will lose your friends and shower when you get home.

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Bring one of those plastic ponchos that you can get at the dollar store. Or a garbage bag that you can wear. Failing that, steal a vinyl tablecloth off a picnic table. Ahh, Warped Tour 2003… it was so rainy.

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Don’t eat the shrooms.

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Is it outdoors? SUNSCREEN. I got the worst sunburn of my life from a Warped Tour/Ozzfest combo weekend, once. Yikes.

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rule one ignore advice from syz.

Bring extra clothes in case of rain/hot/cold weather. You may check the weather before hand but sometimes it’ll change and you can get stuck freezing all weekend long.

Deodorant! everyone seems to forget this one

Bring plenty of water for the weekend, festival prices are never cheap and you want to make sure you’re fully hydrated all weekend.

Lock up all valuables at all times. Yea it sucks not being able to trust people but it sucks even more to get your iPod stolen.

Bring plenty of extra money, a lot of really cool things can be found at festivals. It’d suck to come across something amazing and have no money.

Bug spray and sunscreen

Make sure your tent doesn’t leak. Nothing like waking up at 3am in a pool of water.

If your bringing anything illegal hide it well. Some festivals search your car on the way in which would well fuck your weekend pretty bad.

Enjoy the festival, looks like an amazing lineup. STS9 is great live definitely check them out. Girltalk puts on a hell of a show too, it just turns into a giant party.

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Take disposable tissues in case the latrines run out. Some sanitary wipes wouldn’t be a bad idea either. They will work for a quick clean-up.

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Be careful with alcohol intake. It hits much harder in the hot sun than you expect and you dehydrate quickly.

Don’t sit downwind from the portapotties

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Some festivals won’t let you bring drinks in, such as water. Make sure you bring plenty of extra money for water because they charge an arm and a leg for one bottle. Reuse a bottle and fill it at a drinking fountain if they have one.

omg, I just looked at the lineup. I want to go! Primus is AMAZING live. Have fun!

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Did somebody say Primus!

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@jonsblond wow I dont think id be ok going to a festival that didnt allow you to bring water. its like Im paying 200+ for this weekend and you still need more money for water?

@Pied_Pfeffer tissues is a great addition. I had that problem at the last festival I went to and it was a bitch to even come by a napkin or something. Horrible.

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@uberbatman Yeah. It sucked. It was the Furthur Festival at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin. We had just spent the previous day at Lollapalooza and it was insanely hot and humid out. I think they wanted $5 for a bottle of water, this was at least 12 years ago. They made us dump our drinks that we had in our bags when we went through security. The line for the drinking fountain was about a mile long too.

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dancing naked is only acceptable if you are covered in mud.

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Eat the shrooms.

(everyone has pretty much said everything I would say)

OMG! Primus??? I’m so jealous.

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The toilets are going to be a bit of a shocker. When I was there at first I just went straight in and almost (very very almost) got sick. So before you rush into the toilet, open the door and air it out for a minute or two.

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Oh yeah… and bring your own toilet paper.

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I enjoyed everyone’s advice from my girl’s iPhone over the weekend. GA’s for everyone today!

It was too hot to really drink at all, so I didn’t. The place was crawling with security so no mushrooms, sorry @uberbatman! I did, however, partake in some tasty herbage.

Let it be said that it was worth ticket price just for Perfect Circle! Bassnecter and STS9 were EPIC, and I found a ‘secret’ bathroom that no one knew about with clean seats – all in all it was a really good time!

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@rOs Happy to hear you enjoyed it. Sucks about the security. Id love to see a Perfect Circle. saw bassnectar a couple weeks ago which was pretty sick and im going to see STS9 again in october, cant fuckin wait for them, they just put on such a great live show.

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Awesome. :)

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You really should see Perfect Circle uberbro, they were on a whole ‘nother level! I just stood in awe for most of the concert.

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Oh believe me its on my bucket list of bands to see.

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