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Tips on taking my Learner's Permit test tomorrow?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2787points) August 4th, 2011

I’m taking my Learner’s Permit test tomorrow, and I am SUPER nervous.
I heard it was really easy but the ones who told me that are good test takers, unlike myself.

Does anyone have any tips?
Is it really that easy, and is it mostly just common sense?
Is there a section on Drinking and Driving?

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I can’t speak for the tests used in the US, but the most important thing I remember from taking my Ontario test was road signs. Know your signs, and know which types of vehicles have which colour lights (e.g. blue light = snow removal).

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Yes. Go back through the manual and really concentrate on the sections about alcohol limits, legal and recommended distances for following another vehicle, how long you have to notify the DMV when you change addresses, the state’s insurance requirements.

Those are the things I remember hung me up on the written exam. It’s mostly common sense otherwise.

Good luck!

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Just relax and take your time. You know you know the material already. I got hung up on a question dealing with bicycle riders on the road. Even when I was an avid cyclist back in the day, probably due to the rude and shitty treatment car drivers subjected me to. You have to treat them as if they are a legal vehicle on the same road, which hey are.

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is it a computer test or written in Ireland you get a cd with the test that you can practise with at home.

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Have your mom or dad ask you questions from the book for practice. The tests are different in every state if you are in the US, so it is hard to know exactly what kind of test you will be taking. I don’t even remember taking a test for my lerners permit, I only remember taking one to get my regular license. If it is like the regular drivers license test know things like who goes first at a four way stop, the shape of road signs and what symbolss on road signs mean, how much distance in front of someone before you change lanes, flashing red is stop.

If you are going to take a road test, make sure you look where you are driving, which means when you back up you have to turn your head to the back, not just use your mirror.

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I don’t know about all states, but in california there are sample tests on the dmv website. I just got my permit a couple months ago and found them very helpful.

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Thank you everyone!
How many are you allowed wrong before you fail it entirely?

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In California I think you have to get 39 out of 45 correct. I’m sure other states are different though.

If you’re in Cali, This link should help. If not, other state dmv websites probably have a similar page.

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It’s pretty easy but there’ different questions every time so you might get some easy and some hard and yeah there are some questions about the laws about drinking and driving. If you have a notebook thing that prepares you for the test definitely read over it and when you’re taking it, think carefully about your answers, a lot of them are common sense.

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