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Would being the face of a feminine product commercial negatively affect my potential as a scientist in the future?

Asked by girlofscience (7527points) April 15th, 2009

If I had the opportunity to be the face of a feminine product commercial on prime-time TV in the near future, would this negatively affect the possibility of my being a respected scientist in the future?

If I am currently a graduate student, would scientists around the world think less of me in the future because I was once the “tampon girl”?

Thanks for your input!

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Don’t worry about it.

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I think that they’re such different worlds they wouldn’t really conflict/coincide much.

the “tampon girl” haaha.

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I wouldn’t see this as a threat. Anyone who would hire you would hopefully take your resume more seriously than an acting job. I was just going to write basically what @aviona just did. I think you’re safe. :) Good luck on both- let us know when you’re famous on either account!

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I agree with @ubersiren . I wouldn’t even put it on your resume.

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That is true. I forgot about resumes. You have control over what you do and don’t include.

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And you can always justify it because the residuals underwrote your dissertation research.

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No. Just like being the young, motherly face of Ivory Snow soap flakes didn’t affect Marilyn Cha… never mind. ;)

Of course not. Go get that gig!

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I have no idea. But I’ve always been interested in how being the face of a product like tampons (or hemorrhoid or herpes meds) effects someone’s life… please keep us posted if you decide to do it!

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Are you kidding? That’s probably the closest to a woman’s “parts” that many of the real science geeks will ever get. It would be a bonus for you!

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You’d know who spends their time watching commercials on network tv…

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Yes. You’re not allowed to be a scientist if you’re beautiful. hahaha funny joke.. but seriously..

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Actually, how many guys really watch tampon commercials, anyway?

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so you think you’ll be looked down upon because you took the chance to make some extra cash? don’t worry about it, I’m sure no one will even remember it.

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i think it could end up being a bloody mess.

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does it have anything to do with this? i’m curious. lol

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Being the face of a feminine product commercial didn’t stop Andrew from being a successful web 2.0 entrepreneur….

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Thanks for your input, everyone! However, I am still undecided as to whether I will do this, and it is because I worry about the effect it could have on my career. I do not want to eventually be the 65-year-old professor of whom all of my students are sending around the youtube videos of my tampon commercial.

@casheroo: Yes! As a result of that idea, I was successful and received this opportunity if desired!

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I would think that people of science would look beyond such things. They’ll likely poke some fun at you from time to time so be ready for that but if you’re good at your job, that’ll be the main focus.

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@shilolo maybe i’m not getting the joke…

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@eponymoushipster because you’re slow. nah, just kidding. i don’t get it either. okay, Dr C educated me lol

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you know what? people will find anything to screw with you in the future so no matter what you do, it may bite you in the ass…which is why I always say – do it anyway

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Do it. It won’t mess up your career like being a 17-year-old porn star would. It would only give a few individuals a few snickers now and then. You can take pride in the fact that you came up with a winning idea and sold it to help get you moving.

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Ha, I think it is so funny that everyone is talking about my having control over “what I include on my resume.”

In my field, believe me, if I am in a tampon commercial, everyone who does related research is going to know I was in it. It doesn’t matter what I put on my resume; for the rest of my career, people are going to mention me by saying that I was in a tampon commercial in my 20s. That’s just how things go.

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What would you be doing in the commercial? Sticking a tampon in? If so, then don’t do it. If you’re just going to be in a commercial, I don’t see what the big deal is. Don’t other scientists know women get their periods?

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are you at any point going to utter “do you ever feel, you know, not so fresh?”. because that would be awesome.

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@casheroo: lol, it’s just a matter of the fact that it is obviously a thing that it is easy to mock: “That girl was in a tampon commercial.”

Do I really want that as a reputation in my circle? Or does it not matter?

I’m honestly not sure either way, but I do think it is something to consider.

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It’s a commercial. I don’t understand what the problem is. Will a little teasing by others that might have seen you in a past commercial bother you that much? Just do the darn thing. You’ll probably regret it if you don’t.

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I’d do the commercial for sure. That is something that most people will never have a chance to do. That one commercial could open a wide range of great opportunities in the future.

Those who would give you crap about it would more than likely just be jealous. Go for it! You only live once… I think…

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Why are you considering it? The money? A possible acting/media career break? The novelty? Will the money make or break you anytime soon?

It sounds to me like you’re more on the side of not doing it. Otherwise, you’d be less hesitant. If you’re made for TV, then you can get another opportunity. Maybe you’d prefer some kind of TV science role or something more “serious” or brainy rather than a commercial. If that better suits your impulse, why not seek that kind of opportunity instead?

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No, it would not hamper your ability as a scientist, but it would certainly affect how other people (and even your colleagues) see you. And that in turn could conveivably affect your career (in cases where a promotion, for example, can be based on subjective judgement rather than scientific success).

Even being pretty can be a problem.

Yes, it’s unfair and yes, you can eventually gain their respect by proving that you’re twice as good at your field as anyone else. But is it really worth it for the amount of money you’ll be getting from the ad? And why even do that if you’re not thinking of following an acting career?

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I guess I would think twice about it. How much to do want to be in the picture? how much do you want to be a scientist. Why don’t you do some really fantastic research, and then in the picture when you explain it at the Nobel Awards. That would be a better reason to be in a picture.

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just be able to take the jokes and you should be fine.

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In High School I was in a Keds Sneaker commercial. No one even realized it was me AT THE TIME if I didn’t tell them.

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Ideally there should be no negative effect at all. But we do not live in an ideal world. There’s a small chance that some reviewers of your applications will recognize you and draw negative conclusions (which would be unprofessional and unethical, of course).

My advice (which might sound strange) if you really want to be on the safe side: Change your hairdo or hair color before you get invited for your first interview.

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I am sorry to say, but no one is going to recognize you in an interview. Unless the commercial is really unique and interesting (Like the free credit report . com guy or Vince sham wow) you will not get famous from one commercial. If you don’t want to do it there are thousands of talented pretty faces out there that really DO want the gig. Leave it for them if your heart is not in it.

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@girlofscience just don’t hold a tampon up when they’re interviewing you.

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WHAT IF you never did a commercial for anything, but you looked amazingly like the girl who does the vibrator commercial? Would it ruin your career (through no fault of you own)? When people would ask “Is that YOU on the vibrator commercial?”, what would you do? You’d say “NO”.

SO, if people were to ask you if you were the girl on the tampon commercial, JUST SAY NO.

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but if you do a vibrator commercial, please post it. :)

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OK. I will.

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They probably wouldn’t even make the connection unless you brought it up. I can’t remember even one face I’ve seen in a tampon commercial.

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i do remember the lady in the KY ads. she sells Miracle-Gro now.

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@eponymoushipster That’s a nice product connection.

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@ru2bz46 oddly enough, i believe she was in a Tums ad as well. it’s a process, i suppose.

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@girlofscience You had the creativity to come up with this idea, and the initiative to pitch it, and you’ve got this opportunity as a result, but now you’re going to throw all that away over some completely unfounded worst-case scenario? I can make no sense of this.

Do you feel that appearing in a tampon ad is something to be ashamed of? Would you want to hide this from your mother? Would you think less of a colleague or professor who did this? There’s your answer.

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