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Do you enjoy flying? Or do you avoid flying at all costs?

Asked by plethora (9570points) August 4th, 2011

Assuming a pleasant, uncrowded flight (or even first First or Business class), how do you feel when the plane first begins its takeoff run and then lifts off? Is it a pleasant or excited feeling? Or does it fill you with fear or unease? Do you find it easy to sleep on the plane or unable to sleep at all? In general, is flying a pleasant experience for you or unpleasant?

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I like flying. I still feel a little excited when the plane takes off.

I can’t sleep on planes, or so far I haven’t been able to.

I get bored quickly so short haul stuff is fine. Longer flights are tiresome. I just want to get where I am going. If the plane is very full, it is less enjoyable.

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I don’t like traveling with a bunch of strangers. I prefer road trips and enjoying this large country I live in (the USA). This country has so much to offer. I like to take my time when traveling and enjoy every minute of it.

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Flying is fine for me. I like taking off. I like landings even more. I have had some pretty hairy landings in my life, but when you make it down alive… well, it’s a real relief!

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I like getting drunk in first class.
It makes me feel warm and fuzzy, of course that could just be all the whiskey neats.

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Pleasant.I like flying,in spite of having the hell scared out of me in a single engine Cessna.Take offs are tougher to stomach than landings for me and I like a window seat so I can look out into the great unknown:)
As long as I am not augering into the ground,I am happy.;)
Commercial flights have been enjoyable as I have met some interesting,funny people.There is no way,I will ever fall asleep on a flight though.Just too much going on.

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Every flight has brought on some type of adventure, so yes, I always look forward to it. Sleeping on a flight has rarely been problem. The only time a flight was slightly unpleasant was when I sat next to Mr. Stinky on a flight back from Las Vegas. Apparently, the guy had been on a drinking/no shower binge for a couple of days.

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I have been flying regularly since age 6 and my attitude about it is pretty much stuck at that age. WHOA!! We’re FLYING!!! Woo Hoooo!!

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A few vodka tonics and I’m fine.

Once I flew from NY to LA with an odd crowd. The passengers included myself, five Catholic Priests, and five Jewish Rabbi’s. Turns out that God wanted to teach us all a lesson that day. We hit sudden turbulence bad and the plane dove violently to the degree that everyone was lifted completely out of their seats. There I was, floating in mid air alongside God’s chosen ones. We were all floating, silently, just looking at one another with an odd uncertainty on our faces, quite discomfit, until one of the Rabbi’s yelped “Holy Fucking Christ!”. At that very moment the plane found lift and we were slammed onto the floor of the cabin with a hard smack. Everyone was fine except the Rabbi who took the Lord’s name in vain (the Lord he didn’t believe in). His front teeth were caught on the edge of the seat arm and knocked completely out of his skull.

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I love flying, there is nothing quite like taking off on a runway with the jets blasting and all the g-force, it’s great. However, I refuse to fly unless there are special circumstances, I disagree with all the scanners and stupid rules, and will only fly if I can go thru airports without scanners, and absolutely must fly, or have a good enough reason to fly.

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Ever since 9/11 when I was on a long distance fight I have a bit of a white knuckle fear of flying. I love to fly and do appreciate the pat down screening but you don’t want to sit next to me or your arm will surely be mistaken for an arm rest until we level off!

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I get a little nervous at take-off, but I’m OK after a few minutes. Either way, I figure, the plane’s coming down, so it’s not worth it to sweat it, is it?

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I love flying. It will be kind of sad though the next time I fly into NYC, since the last time I did so the twin towers were still standing.

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Awesome story!

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I don’t enjoy flying, but I don’t avoid it. I don’t want to drive for 15 hours when I can take a two and a half hour flight. It would be great if we had high speed trains in the US, and more train routes.

I am not nervous, just annoying to be basically confined in a small space. I can sleep.

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I do not enjoy flying, but I do enjoy getting to my destination the quickest way possible, so I can spend my time visiting.

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I like flying. I just don’t like all the tedious hanging about in the airport. I never flew until I was 30 the first time, and I was so excited, especially on take-off. I love to sit by the window and look out as we’re taking off or coming in to land.

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The latter, or put another way…...i’m a scaredy cat!

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@jaytkay You expressed my feelings exactly about flying. I don’t like all the security measures and the ineptness of the TSA, but flying (on a plane with few passengers, or in Business class) is always great fun. I love the window seat for takeoff and landing….and sometimes just for staring out when 35,000 feet over the Southwest.

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