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Is there something about your SOs driving that you don't like?

Asked by Bellatrix (21249points) August 5th, 2011

Firstly, be honest, we promise not to tell them.

I mentioned in another thread that my husband is quite an aggressive drive. He has been known to flash other drivers and to drive (IMO) too close to them to push them to move. I have retrained him to the best of my ability but it used to make me so uncomfortable when he behaved that way.

I have spoken to friends, and many of them have expressed discontent with their partner’s driving. What about yours? Is there something about your partner’s driving that you would change?

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I talked to him about driving too close to the right hand side of the lane a long time ago, and he changed. Otherwise, he is a very safe, conservative driver.

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Yes, I would like to change a thing.
I would like her to throw away the license she got for free with three bottles of washing liquid and do a proper test in order to get a new one.
I really have no idea how driving tests work in Greece but she misses essential knowledge of how to drive vehicles.
She had to be taught by me how and when to properly change gears, she has difficulty changing them while going through turns and most important (and possibly the cause of her inabbilities) she lacks confidence to drive the car in the first place.
Only in winter when there are only a few people living in the village and therefore not much traffic is on the streets.
But slowly, slowly pun she is learning to drive more secure.

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If someone drove very similar to me, I would still be annoyed about something. Whenever I’m a passenger, I’m silently critiquing every move they make lol. I actually drive “normal” when I have passengers, because my aggressive driving is for me only due to its irresponsibility. I can be responsible for a few minutes while someone else is in my car, I don’t care, so I guess it’s good if someone drives too slow while I’m in their car.

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Wife and I were on our way back to Nashville from Daytona Beach. I had driven about two hundred miles and became very sleepy. I asked my wife to drive. She got behind the wheel. That was good. She put on her sealbelt. That was good. She put the lever in D and that was good. We had traveled about 10 miles down the road, when I heard this noise…thlrrrrrrbumpbumpbump…..thlrrrrrrbumpbumpbump. I woke up and asked my wife “what the h___was that?” She said I am sleepy, too. She was running off the road. She pulled over and I drove the rest of the way home.

At first, I was very ticked at my wife for not doing her share of the driving. This went on for about 9 years, when she finally had a sleep study, which showed she has sleep apnea. Five minutes of sleep for her is like 8 hours of sleep for me.

I owed her about 9 years of apologies.

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He drives slowly and rides the brake.

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She bottoms out a lot. But ironically drives waaaaay too slow over some bumps. Maybe I’m just tough to please.

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When the kids were little and we were traveling cross country he didn’t want to stop to let the kids pee, let alone get food, a drink, or anything else. So when dinner time rolled around, I mentioned we needed to stop for food. We passed exit after exit, but he couldn’t bring himself to stop. Without fanfare I reached over and lifting his arm to my mouth, took a bite.

We haven’t had a problem since. I’ve also informed my daughters of the technique if their husbands prove to be “difficult”..

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Before she got too disabled to drive I remember her always using the brake and gas back and forth. Like slowing down suddenly to make a turn , then right back on the gas. It was classic motocross technique to the point it sometimes made me ill.

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A friend of mine (guy) borrowed his friend’s turbo Porsche thing… (I am very into cars as you can see) and he insisted on driving with the turbo thing on around the city streets. I get what you mean @woodcutter. I felt seriously sick by the time I got out.

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We should have kept some Dramamine in the glove box @Bellatrix

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90% of the time I am fine with his driving. Some days he weaves in and out too much for my liking, getting too close to cars, like he is on the track or something. But, generally he does not tailgate like some people do, to get the person in front to move over. He also generally drives not more than 5 MPH over the speed limit, except once in a blue moon he’ll punch it and go 90 for a short distance if no cars are around or if some car was driving crazy slow, and when he finally gets around the guy he feels the need to let loose for a minute. The one thing that really bothers me is every once in a while he whips around the very curvy local road we live on. It isn’t safe period.

@snowberry Huh? You took a bite?

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My wife likes to listen to books on the car’s CD player. That doesn’t bother me. But she pays more attention to the story than her driving. I can tell when she isn’t paying attention to her driving when she start slowing way down for no reason and over shoots a turn. She says that she has this under control but I’ve signed her up for the AARP defensive driving course which she will take next week.

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@gondwanalon That was a mandatory course at a company I used to work for, possibly because it was cheap or maybe even free. One of the questions related to what to do if people flip you off in traffic. Imagine, who would want to flip off old people? The answer if I remember was, don’t look directly at the flippers.

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I don’t got a S/O right now, but I’ll answer about the last guy I went out with.
So he always drove like a fucking maniac, I mean he went really fast all the time, and there were a few occasions on which we got pulled over and he got a ticket. I mean he never seemed to go in a straight fucking line, he was zigzagging past and in between cars and shit and I got all scared lol.
And he STILL wouldn’t slow down EVER, bloody road pig lol. He knew it himself, and I always warned him, but there was nothing to do. I wonder if he’s still even allowed to drive a car lol.
First car he had when I met him was this hunked piece of ass, where the driver’s door wasn’t even the original door. Of course I imagined the worse, but that door’s story was something else. Still, nobody could blame me for thinking otherwise at the time.
Thing is, he knew his shit and we never got into any accidents or anything. Although we easily could have, but he didn’t seem to get that. :/

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:-) there is a joke “I’ve never been in an accident but I have seen plenty in my rear view mirror”. Sounds like it was made for your ex boyfriend @Symb.

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Mine has a thing for not watching the road at all, considering she is deaf, and she likes to be all over the road and think it is no big deal. She also has a thing for almost rear-ending people when they are stopped ahead of her because she doesn’t see that they are there and she “doesn’t want to slam on the brakes”. It sends my fear of riding with her through the roof, so I do most of the driving. I still love her, just not her driving, and I hope she doesn’t come into this thread, or I’ll be in the dog house. I love you, baby.

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Actually no, I think my partner is a perfect driver. I would much rather be a passenger with him in the driver seat than anyone else I have ever known.

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What annoys me most about her driving is that she does it from the passenger seat if you know what I mean.

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@JLeslie I didn’t draw much blood. ;-D

It’s an excellent technique, if employed judiciously. I disseminate it here for the Jelly community.

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@snowberry In front of your kids? Its hard enoungh to teach kids not to bite. I don’t think I can get behind your technique. But, I am glad it worked for you. I hope your husband is not inconciderate of basic things like needing to pee with other things. Maybe let him know people die from blood clots because they stay sitting too long while driving, on planes, etc. Maybe he will be more accomodating for health reasons.

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I only chewed on his arm a little bit…...snifff.

I suppose I should have warned him he was going to come down with a case of bad luck if he persisted. The technique is only appropriate if you’re in danger of starving to death, and he won’t listen to you…And he has been a perfect gentleman ever since.

No worries regarding the kids. “A little neurosis well place is a beautiful thing”—Pheobe Ziner

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I actually do agree with the neurosis quote.

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The “two wheels on my wagon” approach she has at roundabouts is a little distressing I have to say :¬(

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There’s something about everyone’s driving, besides my own that I don’t like. I can be a nervous passenger. I’ve been involved in three car crashes to date and have also been rear-ended so that may have something to do with it. I like to be in control.

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My husband drives with one foot on the brake (just resting, not pressing, he says) and one on the accelerator. He can’t brake with his left foot like the rest of the human race.

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@gabby94805 My mother had nerve damage in her right leg (it was OK to use it for the gas pedal, but she couldn’t use it for braking). She trained herself to use the right foot for gas and the left foot for braking. The left foot stayed on the floor until she needed it.

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Such great answers here. Thank you everyone. I had quite a few giggles reading these responses.

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