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Do you like men's jeans with back pocket flaps?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10465points) August 5th, 2011

As a man I am not quite sure about the use of flaps on the back pockets of a pair of jeans.

My gut is telling me it’s stupid. I am interested in both sex’s opinions.

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I do not like them.I like regular Levi’s on a man.

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I haven’t really thought about it until now, but I would say no. I wouldn’t like them. I am with @lucillelucillelucille, a pair of regular levi jeans look just right to me.

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no like. I would trade the material toward making more belt loops= better pants

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I don’t like pocket flaps on anyone. They always curl up, even when you try to iron them flat, so they look untidy.

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No thank you, although I don’t recall ever seeing them on men’s jeans. The flap gets in the way of sliding my hand in the SO’s back pocket when my hand is around his waist.

I once had a pair of jeans with flaps and they not only provided zero benefit, but they tended to curl up in the wash. It took a lot of starch and ironing to get them to stay down.

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No, too nerdy. Useful for backpacking though, but fashion doesn’t really matter in that situation. Unless you’re a dork too.

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If the flaps are the kind that have the hidden buttonhole on the inside they are usually impossible to fasten the button because normal fingers cant get inside to push it through. Maybe the Chinese with their svelte nimble fingers can do it but it’s an exercise in futility for me. And the way they always pucker up makes you look like you have ghetto booty.

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Flap-free, I think. Flaps are lumpy and really serve no purpose, but I am anti-flap mostly I like a nice ass on a man and flaps on the back pockets interfere with the nice, clean lines of a fine ass. Men, do you feel objectified now? I hope not, that wasn’t my intention, sorry if I made any of you feel like sexual objects. :-)

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I have flaps on one of my jeans and I can tell you…, they are awesome :-)
Will post picture tomorrow.

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I have a pair where they really are quite fashionable…with Fry Boots and a harmonica!

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I like them. My husband worries the button can ruin his car seats. I don’t think he has any jeans with flaps? But, I do. I think he would look good in them. He has a smallish butt (not noticbly small, he looks great overall) the pocket would add a little back there.

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@cockswain How is it nerdy? I think just the opposite, very trendy.


No I don’t. When you wash them, the flaps on the back pockets tend to puff and curl right up, making my naturally small bum look bigger than it is! :(

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you got one of those flat asses?

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I am more of a cargo pants man, so flaps work, and it keeps my wallet safe.

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No flaps…please. The flaps tend to stick out if you don’t press/iron them down hard. That’s ugly.:D

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@JLeslie I asked my wife if they’re cool, and she said they sometimes can be. She also pointed out I don’t really know what’s cool or not, so I shouldn’t comment on such things. So there you have it.

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Cargo pants for me also. Since they have become popular there is really no reason to have flaps on back pockets. I haven’t had jeans with cargo pockets but I would think it would make them heavy and really droopy.I don’t like to put wallets in my back pocket or anything else but the back pockets are still necessary to keep them from looking like rocky mtn. chic pants. And the back flaps make it seem like the pants are uncomfortably warm.

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No, the flaps are really terrible to start out with, but then you put them through the washer and then they look truly hideous.

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They either curl up or else you end up sitting on uncomfortable buttons.


@woodcutter I do. Not really flat, but they go well with Speedos. Lol.

No, seriously. I got a pair of those jeans, and after you wash them, the flaps never lay flat——they curl at the edges and puff up, making my bum look like they have a small pair of “wings” on them. And the buttons make the flaps puffier, unless you button them down, which is hard to do.

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Then who designs these pants? probably women, like men who design painfully non sensible shoes for women? Can someone get the memo to them, stop it already ?
Yeah @MRSHINYSHOES you already told us about those damn speedos.


@woodcutter Like the ad, “don’t hate me” . ;)

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I pronounce assflaps dead. The time is 11:13CST 8/5/11.

Call the fashion coroner, tell her my professional opinion for cause of death was failure to thrive.

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Back pocket flaps look silly on jeans because they completely lack subtly. The only time you see them are on garishly decorated jeans which look just as silly because of how garishly decorated they are. Jeans work because they’re simple, the formula works as is and shouldn’t be altered.

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I do not like back pocket flaps on jeans but if you like them then thats fine with me.

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I don’t like them. They stick out, get crumpled, and make it harder to get your hand in your pocket. If you’re worried about pickpocketing, put your wallet in the front pocket.

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I don’t like pocket flaps on any pants, jeans cargos, whatever.

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I don’t like them on anyone.

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In denim? No.
In combat pants? Hell yes.

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