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What if a friend you're teased with, actually starts to like you? What do you do?

Asked by riggity (2points) August 6th, 2011

But, the thing is, I only see him as a brother and I don’t ever want us to stop being friends. What could I do to decline his feelings in a subtle way?

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What is teased with? Not familiar with that.

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Depends on your feelings…talk it over, I would. Seems the important thing to do upon revelation. See where it goes from there. Be honest with him, and yourself. Don’t go along something that dun feel right.

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@Symbeline But it’s just so hard for me to say no, I can’t seem to get the courage to. I’ve always had that problem. What other stuff can I do to show him that I can never like him as more than a friend? I really appreciate your advice though, thanks!

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Other than telling him how you feel about it, I can’t say much else. You can’t hint it on, make signs or make him believe something else, ya gotta be honest, even if it’s hard.

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What your worried about is losing the friendship by being honest with him.. Your only alternative is to face up to it (express your feelings) before it gets out of hand.

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You want to be really sure that there isn’t feelings there, I was friends with someone whom I NEVER thought I would look at differently but when I least expected it both how we viewed each other had changed. He was my friends boss whom I became friends with, we would talk about anything and everything, including dating and men. He would always give me advice which was better than anything I ever heard from my girl friends. He was married when I met him but was divorced when the feelings changed. One night I called to see what my friend was doing for dinner and he answered and told me she had left already for a dr appt. We began talking as we always did and decided to grab dinner together and then we went back to the place where they worked and watched a movie together. When we were leaving there was something there that had never been there and we kissed. Later that night he called me and told asked me if I wanted to date each other and such. To my surprise the answer I gave was yes. He was the love of my life and I will always care about him even though he passed of cancer 3 yrs ago. So just be really sure that without you knowing it your feeling haven’t changed, maybe be more open and go out one night. You don’t want to miss an opportunity if they have and your subconscienc just hasn’t clued you in yet.

Good luck!

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You teased with him now you deal with the consequences. It might come to the place where he won’t want to be your friend anymore. Every action has a reaction, hope for the sake of your friendship that he will understand you and continue to be your friend.

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If it comes up,I would tell him that you are only interested in him as a friend.

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Hit him with a FUngo Stick and warn him there is more where that came from!

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Say to him, “You are like a brother to me. I hope that we’re always such good friends.”

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Guys are not usually strong on “subtlety.” You have to be a little cruel to be kind.

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@CaptainHarley I guess that means I better wear a hard hat!! ;)

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LOL! Cruiser… you’re a nut! : D

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