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Has anyone ever seen a 10K scratch pole? I can tell you @Bellatrix has a lovely one. Come over an sink your claws in, will you?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) August 6th, 2011

Crykie! @Bellatrix just staggered in from the outback to her posh 10k digs. Well deserved, for a very pleasant and articulated Sheila. What shall she do after a nice soak in the custom Jacuzzi, take in a game of billiards on her slate bed billiard table, or enjoy a nice film on her 52in flat screen with surround sound in the media room?

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Yay! I can’t believe you finally made it.

Oh where do I start. My lovely little Aussie :) You’ve been here for me all along and I share so many fond memories with you. You truly are one of the most honest and caring people I’ve ever had the joy of being friends with. You’re so intelligent, so graceful, and you have one of the kindest hearts around this place.

Here’s to you, my favorite Australian! Congratulations on 10k and may you be here for many more!


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Congratulations! :D

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Congratulations, Bella! Lurve you, girlie. :D

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Congratulations bellatrix! I like you!

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Good on yer! Congratulations! Ho’omaikai!

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Congrats to the fellow aussie, good on ya mate!!!

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O’oh!! I forgot to tell you all, vegemite and hor d’oeuvre being served in the main dining hall, with Fosters, sorry, my bad.

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Congratulations Bellatrix. You’re a really good friend, and I’d like to thank you for all the PM conversations we keep having. Sorry if I’m slow sometimes. XD

Anyways, I totally love you, congratulations, and keep it up.

Oh also. A Harry Potter fan. Always a plus in my book. ^^

Cheers sweety. ’‘hugs!’’ :)

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Bloody hell! You tell me I forgot to organize a Quidditch match too!?!? D’oh!!! Being an MC is hard work.

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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@Bellatrix doesn’t stagger, she waltzes, and BTW, congratulations, of course, on 10k, @Bellatrix!

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@lillycoyote You know, an extended walkabout out there in the hot arid outback takes a toll on a person. ;-)

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@Hypocrisy_Central My response has been edited, I should let you know that, but initially it was really just a relatively transparent attempt to celebrate @Bellatrix’s 10k with a nice version of Waltzing Matilda.

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Very nice! Congratulations!

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Your contribution is simply magnificent! I shall dance to congratulate your victory!

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@lillycoyote – if you want a true aussie rendition of waltzing matilda, then have a listen to this version.

By the way, did you know that matilda refers to his swag?!

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Is there a name to that big rock in back of tha kangaroo sign?

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Way to go, mate :)

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Aww @KatetheGreat, the feelings are most definitely reciprocated.
Thank you @bob_, I think you look very hawt in your smock :D
Love you too @Auggie!
@YARNLADY, I thank you very much.
@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I like you very much too. Want to hear you playing banjo before too long.
Thank you @tinyfaery.
@hawaii_jake. Thank you so much.
G’day @rooeytoo. Fair dinkum, it is lovely to have such a party.
@Hypocrisy_Central. Hold the Fosters. I will bring some XXXX and Tooheys plus some lovely Aussie wine and seafood.
@Symbeline. Never a problem if there is a delay on responses. They are worth waiting for.
@lillycoyote, walzes lily around the room. Thank you!
Thank you @syz.
How lovely @Your_Majesty. You will have to teach me that dance.
Thank you @FutureMemory :-)

Thank you @Hypocrisy_Central for my party and to all the lovely jellies who have attended.

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10Kongratulations. You are a star.

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Y’know, I quit coming to these things because they are really just for grubbing lurve on the side of a few congratulations, but what the heck.

WOOT! Congrats @ damn, who was it again? oh right @Bellatrix! You earned every GA!

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Congratulations dear.

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I always confuse you with our queen, Beatrix, who I admire greatly not….
I do so you, so congratulations on your ten thousand!!

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Congratulations!! :))

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Very cool! Congrats on the 10 grand!

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Hey, congrats ;¬}

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Ah, now I get it! Your avatar just met Zup! That explains the look! Congrats, Bella! Come on over here, sit on down and we’ll have all sorts of chats and fun and stir up some serious trouble! Secret Aussie sister o’ mine, glad you’re here!

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Congratulations and welcome to the mansion!

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Congratulations in record time! Party is in full swing. Go get you some drinks Bella and join in.

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Congratulations @Bellatrix!
I love reading what you have to say!

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Hey! Way to go! Congratulations to a wonderful Jelly who’s always got something interesting to say :D

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My very favorite, favorite Bella-Jelly!! I could write a book about how wonderful it is to know you but you’d probably hand it back for editing ;)

I love your wit and your wisdom and how you let controversy roll off you like water off a platypus (they do get wet, don’t they?)

Anyway, a day without saying “hi” to my @Bellatrix is hardly a day worth getting up for.
Welcome to the mansion, my amazing friend!!

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Félicitations, @Bellatrix! You’re not just one of our brightest stars, you’re also one of our rising stars!

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Congratulations! Love your posts…Welcome to the mansion:)

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it seems I’m following @AmWiser to these party threads lol

I knew it wouldn’t be long before you got here! I love your posts and you’re a pretty cool chick :-)


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OMG, I’m so sorry I’m late @Bellatrix !
RAWR! Congrats :)

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You saw my countdown! :D :D :D Congratulations to a wonderful friend!!!

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Nooooo I was going to try and post her thread! Haha. Congrats, @Bellatrix! I’m glad you’re here. You contribute so much with your always very sweet and thoughtful answers.

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Congratulations to one of my favorite jellies!

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Whoa I’m late to this but congratulations!! You’re great and I love reading your responses. Of course extra extra love for the fantasticals avatar! Keep being awesome.

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WONDERFUL!!! You’re one of my favorite “newish” jellies and I’m so glad that you’re here! Would love to have you in the room next to mine. :D

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A massive congratulations, you’re awesome!

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I’m glad I found this!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Congratulations! So glad you’re here!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Now, go get me a beer. The newbies have to fetch the beer!

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Woo, congrats!

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Big Kitteh Congratulations!! You silly kitten get a free gumming from my dog! Tee hee. :)

Slobber is available at an extra cost though….

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Late here, but I am puuurrrrrrrroud of you, my lady! You have always been sweeter and more kind and thoughtful than the sweetest kitteh, and I lurve you for that! Furrrever!

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I think the “big rock” in the background in the video that @rooeytoo posted is Ayers Rock.

This is the Wikipedia article on it.

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Congratulations, @Bellatrix! I love your username, and your answers aren’t too bad either! :-) Sorry for being late!

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Jeez….another missed party! Crap!

Congrats to one of my favorite jellies in the land down under!
This vegemite sandwich is for you. Wait, I don’t have any Vegemite…make it a beer! :-D

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I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!

So here we are, and @Bellatrix has moved into the mansion! Pancakes for everyone! Congrats to you, @Bellatrix, on reaching 10K! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer Jelly!

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I don’t know much about you, but, from what I’ve seen ‘round here, I love. :)

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Congrats Bellatrix! Great to have you on here!

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Good for you! I enjoy your answers!

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@flutherother, thank you my Scottish fluther friend.
@XOIIO – Why thank you!
@Zen I thank you. You were one of the first people to take me under your wing.
@rebbel – that’s lovely and thank you for your great sense of humour.
@lucillelucillelucille. Thank you to a wonderful flutherite.
@Cruiser. Thank you. Always love hearing from you.
@ucme. Ta from one Northerner to another…
@JilltheTooth How gorgeous are you! I love trouble. Let’s do it!
@Bluefreedom. Thank you. Don’t know you well but now I am in the ‘mansion’ I hope that will change.
@chyna. Cheers! Don’t have to ask me twice.
@wilma. The feeling is definitely mutual. Thank you.
@Seelix. Thank you so much. I always love your posts too. You strike me as a breath of fresh Canadian air.
@Blueroses. You are so gorgeous my dear friend! And yes, Platypus do swim and they are playful and a little unusual. Sounds about right for me!
@SavoirFaire :-) Thank you… remember… ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
@AmWiser. Thank you so much.
@tranquilsea. As are you! Thank you very much.
@MilkyWay. Thank you to you. It is so lovely to see you about. :-)
@linguaphile. I did see your countdown. Thank you my friend. Tips dented halo at you.
@Mariah. Thank you. You are an amazing young woman.
@ANef_is_Enuf. And you one of mine Ms Neffie.
@sarahhhhh. I am pretty cute huh? Thank you.
Thank you @Seaofclouds.
@tedibear. I love tedibears. Happy to bunk down in the room next to you.
@Leanne1986. As are you. And you are one of the most sensible, lovely, down-to-earth jellies.
@Dutchess_III ,,, drat, sorry about the beer spraying all over you. I got excited with all the party stuff and shook it up a bit :D
Thank you @MissAnthrope. :D
@Plucky .. wipes off the slobber. :D Ta!
@Ladymia69 It is so lovely to see you here! I feel very honoured!
@jonsblond. Thank you for the good wishes.
@lillycoyote .. it’s called Uluru
@mangeons. Never too late for a party. Thank you.
@Coloma. Beer sounds good. We can pass on the vegemite sanger :D
@aprilsimnel Thank you! You aren’t late either.
@Jude. That’s very sweet. Thank you. Hopefully we will get to know each other better.
@sliceswiththings Thank you. Nice to be here and to be made to feel so welcome.
@SpatzieLover. Thank you Spatzie… still not sure what a spatzie is…
@jca. Thank you. And I yours.

Thank you to everyone for their lovely messages. I think it takes a while to feel like you really do belong in the jelly pool but if I had any doubts, I feel very welcome now.

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I take a little break, come back and see that I’m late to one of my favorite’s party! I’m sorry! Congrats on 10k. You are awesome to have around! I will come visit you in Australia someday! :)

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@Vunessuh The party is still going on….people just don’t know, we are traveling back and forth between here and @JLeslie mansion party. @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard brought in Cajon scrimp which is being grilled as we speak. If you are nice, he might tell you were he stashed his bootlegged moonshine.

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Yo V, grab your spatula and get over to the BBQ grill, we need you.
Unless of course, you wanna do something else with that spatula of yours ;)

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Thank you @Vunessuh. You are most definitely welcome to visit me in Australia. I will make up the spare room :D

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And congratulations from me, too.

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