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Which is better to use: powder laundry detergent or liquid detergent?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5957points) August 7th, 2011

You all know that I love laundry, right?

Which is better to use? Liquid detergent or powder?!

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Liquid I guess, no need to dissolve. : )

The question could be would laundry soap perform better if you play the violin while washing your clothes?

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Our plumber told us we should use liquid detergent because the powders never fully dissolve and can build up in your pipes over time so I always use liquid.

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I use liquid.

I think Consumers Reports rates liquid higher than powder.

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I like liquid for darks and color and powder for whites. The tiny crunchy powder granules help scrub sheets and towels.

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I’ve used both and haven’t seen any difference in cleanliness. Because of this, I use powder. It makes me feel better about tossing a cardboard box instead of a plastic bottle into the trash. The powders can cause a residue if the washing machine is overpacked, so I just start the washing machine first, sprinkle the powder around and then put the clothes in.

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I buy the cheapest I can find, and that happens to be powder.

The commercials always show people putting the detergent on the their clothes after they’ve loaded them in the washer but if you put your detergent in first and start the water and let it fill up a bit before you put the clothes in it dissolves MUCH better.

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I prefer powder, because I feel like buying the liquid is essentially paying for the water that is diluting the powder… and I also feel like I have a better handle on how concentrated the soap is. But that’s just me.

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The laundry rooms in our building have recently been renovated, and we now have those fancy-shmancy high efficiency Maytag machines. With those machines, you’re supposed to use HE liquid soap. I’m still using the rest of the liquid I had from before the new machines were installed, but I’ll be using the super-concentrated HE stuff when that runs out.

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