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Washing a hammock: just like handwashing any piece of cotton clothing?

Asked by marmoset (1311points) April 15th, 2009

I have a 100% cotton hammock (only fabric, because it fits into a frame, so I don’t have to worry about wood or metal pieces). It’s not especially dirty, I just want to wash it after having had it for a while.

Should I just fill bath with warm water and mush around the hammock with liquid soap, like I would with handwashing clothing? It seems a little delicate and I’m concerned about getting it tangled up when it’s heavy and wet, maybe damaging it?

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(btw, it’s not dyed, just the typical light-tan natural color of cotton, so I don’t have to worry about colorfastness)

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From Hammock Jungle:

“If you need to wash your hammock, you can do it by hanging the ends on a hook with the body in a bucket. Add a little mild detergent, hand wash, rinse well, and hang up to dry.

To use a washing machine to wash your hammock you will need to tightly bundle the end strings together in about 5 places like a ponytail and put the hammock inside a pillowcase. Wash on gentle cycle with a mild detergent like Woolite or Hammock Jungle’s super mild hammock cleanser. DO NOT wash other articles of clothing with your hammock. Colors may fade over time but not severely.”

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