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Where would I get these items for my cosplay?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1897points) August 8th, 2011

For the upcoming NYC Comic Con, I’m planning to be Nicholas D. Wolfwood (I was Big Boss last year and it turned out really well).

I guess this question is more if you watched the anime show Trigun. But I’m not sure where to get some of the stuff. How am I going to get/make the huge cross? Any ideas? Also, the crucifix cufflinks would be nice.

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I’m not a fan of Trigun or any anime, really, but I’ve been to a few cons here in Toronto. Most of the time when people cosplay as characters with gigantic weapons or the like, they’re made of cardboard. You’ll have to carry it around with you all day – you’re going to want something light. A quick Google of Nicholas Wolfwood cosplay shows that some people in the past seem to have used styrofoam for the cross – that might be an idea as well.

So far as clothing and accessories go, thrift shops are your best friend. You never know what you’ll find that can be repurposed.

There’s a page here that shows a crazy awesome Wolfwood costume. Maybe that site will give you some ideas?

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Huge fan of Trigun here! I’m surprised you are not going as the “Humanoid Typhoon”, but Wolfwood is a badass too! If you are looking for a cos-play outfit, I would suggest you start here; “Wolfwood Cosplay”:

If are looking for the Cross, I’d suggest you ask a friend, who has serious skill with crafts or carpentry, and draw them some detailed plans to create it. (Don’t try to include the gun inside the Cross – won’t work)

Please upload some pics of the final product!

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This guy just opened his own costuming shop and is taking orders. If you send him an email with some ideas of what you’re looking for he can work with you on the price and timeframe.

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Ebay for the little stuff like jewelry and clothing items, they’ve got a ton of cosplay vendors. Just enter the name of what you want in the search bar.

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i’ve seen some really shoddy stuff at anime cons, the giant cross usually tends to be made of either foam or taped together cardboard boxes, and they spray with white paint to cover the tape.

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You should make it out of Styrofoam or another light-weight material and cover it with cloth or paint. You really don’t want to carry around something made of wood, plus it may not get through Weapons Check. I found a tutorial with the measurements for an accurate Cross Punisher here (super detailed, too).

The forums have a lot of great information from experienced cosplayers all over the place, and from doing a quick forum search for Wolfwood’s cross I found this blurb:

“Starting out with a small styrofoam cross I purchased online worked best for me. Using spray adhesive, I gradually added onto it as it dried. I added on slabs of styrofoam and some of the thicker styrofoam posterboard so it would give it a smoother finish. Then just wrap it in a thick white canvas or sturdy cotton and strap on some black belts. The artbook has some pictures if you want to get really detailed. My Wolfwood was 5’10”, so I made the cross about 6’ high. (Make sure the proportions are correct for your friend.) It worked well, never damaged and it’s still doing fine laying in my extra room. ”

Good luck, and please do post pictures!

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