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Asked by cage (3117points) July 31st, 2008

I’m wanting to get into Manga. I enjoy anime so I thought I’d seek out its roots.
I’m basically wanting to know where I could get some online, what’s good to read, what you enjoy etc
I like the Ghost in the Shell series, and basically anything by Hayao Miyazaki (Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away etc)
help is appreciated :)

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I’ve only ever read one Manga series and that was AzuManga Daioh which doesn’t really have much of a story haha. But I liked it and wouldn’t mind getting it to read again. Do you know if there are any manga’s of Miyazaki’s films as they are absolutely awesome, especially the two you mentioned. Oh man I want to buy them on DVD now :(

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The Berserk manga is really great… it’s a great anime to watch too. It’s the only one i’ve read so that’s the limit of my knowledge on manga :p

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If you want manga. go to onemanga

They have huge archives of manga that you can simply read online. You don’t have to bother buying it this way. They have it separated into sections and categories so you can pick out what you like. check out their “Top manga” lists for good reads.

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here you can find waht you are looking for :)

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GitS was good, but the Manga is quite long and “sillier” than the movies/television shows. Extensive fanservice… unless you’re big on Manga and advocate it over anything animated, GitS has better treatment via animation.

Akira’s manga was full color, a rarity. Also very long. What you saw in the film happens in the first 8 volumes or so? Then there’s the whole story about what happens AFTER (safe for spoilers) “the ending” of Akira the film.

Azumanga can be summed up well in the anime.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is epic anime/manga alike. Season 2 of Haruhi’s on the way for this fall in Japan/Fansubbers.

Ranma 1/2 lasts forever, both manga and anime, but the anime only follows the manga up to about Season 2 or 3: From there it’s very modified, coming back to the manga every now and again.

Fist of the North Star lasts for freaking ever, Manga and Anime. The Fist of the North Star anime films are good, with the original being one you’d have to see to believe. Even people who aren’t anime fans love that movie.

Inuyasha… lasts forever. Also follows the manga up to a point, then becomes a bunch of gibberish for a few DOZEN episodes.

Bleach is the same way. First two seasons are really the only ones worth watching, then I lost interest (story became way too bland).

Naruto suffers the same fate. First 2–3 Seasons are great, then the next HUNDRED episodes or so you could live without. They throw in little tastes of the main story here and there, but it’s mainly “Hi! I’m still in this anime!” cameos for awhile. Shippunden (or whatever) ages the characters a bit and pushes the story ahead a few years and is great for a few episodes, but quickly falters.

Dragonball Z… skip it. Also lasts for freaking ever. In the anime? 3 episodes can go by where Goku’s chargin’ his lazer before he throws it at something… and misses. Season finale’s when Goku dies, season premiere’s when Goku comes back to life.

“Battle Angel Alita” was the name of an anime based on a Manga, the original name slips me at the moment, but it was something like Gunnm (Not Gundam). The anime was piss poor, but the Manga’s definitely where it’s at.

Golgo 13 has extensive life in Manga, and the anime can’t be missed either.

And finally… the mother of ‘em all…

Lupin the 3rd. The anime lasts a few hundred episodes, the combined weight of all the manga probably weighs more than most encyclopedia sets and is probably one of the funnest anime/manga you can get into. Before EVERYONE knew who Hayao Miyazaki was (thanks to the DISNEY deal), even Miyazaki covered Lupin the 3rd with the terrific film Castle of Cagliostro.

…is my fanboy side showing? Lemme tuck that back in.

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Battle Royale is the greatest manga ever.
Hellsing(probably my second favorite manga, the new OVA series thats been coming out is amazing and definitely worth checking out as well)
(all the links are to the full series scanned online)

Cromartie High School

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If you love Miyazaki, you might consider the manga of
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

This was his first work in manga form. I dunno if you can find it online but it’s worth buying. I don’t know, I’m someone who prefers to read manga in paper form.. short comic strips are fine but when it’s a full length graphic novel I get tired of staring at the screen and clicking.

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@lifeflame i couldnt agree more. I only provided the links because he asked for an online source. It kills me to read mangas online even though im a cheap bastard who would rather dl anything i can, its just one of those things i need to buy.

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Blade of the Immortal is a beautiful, amazing manga. the art is outstanding, the story line flawless, and the characters are just so great. unfortunately, each individual volume can be as pricey as $17.00!! and so far i think there are 19 volumes out. but they are so worth it. if you enjoy realistic art, old-day japan, and a good read then Blade of the Immortal is for you.

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@ubernbatman, I absolutely love the Battle Royale films, and I’ve heard they’re shit compared to the manga, so thanks a lot I’ll be downloading and having an enjoyable reading session.
and @lifeflame too, I wish I didn’t have to click through stuff too, but I live in England in the country, and we’re not exactly a place where comic book stores set up lol, there isn’t a market for it here in England, so I basically have to read it online :(

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My favorite sci-fi manga so far is probably Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita in the English version). The story and the graphics can be weird sometimes, but the plot has always kept me interested. As Lovelocke said, the movie is crap, and only covers a few volumes of the manga version. There has beeen a sequel series, called Gunnm Last Order, but I haven’t read it yet.

The most popular shōnen series, at least here in France, are Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and Death Note. I didn’t read One Piece, but I agree that the other three are quite good. If you like shōnen manga, that is.

As for seinen manga, the best one I’ve read so far is Say Hello to Black Jack, which tells the story of a young doctor who discovers the reality about the health care system and the medical profession in Japan.

And if you don’t mind reading shōjo, you may want to take a look at Nana. It’s a manga about two consrasted girls both named Nana who meet and end up living in the same appartment. One of them is a singer in a rock band, so you may also want to watch the anime to hear the soundtrack.

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These are all great sites. With the manga thing try looking up the manga for the animes you like. I know that Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle is also a manga.
Based on what you have said you like you seem to like sci-fi…
So these are some of my favourite supernatural/sci-fi mangas:
-The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya
-Code Geass
-Death Note (It’s more supernatural than the others)
You may also want to try reading
-Black Lagoon
-Cowboy Beebop
I hope I helped you.

zaber999's avatar has to many mangas to bother counting and probably more then you could ever read.

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Good manias IMO are:
One piece
History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi

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