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Could I get my phone company to release a number from a call I received?

Asked by chicklit (215points) August 8th, 2011

I’m talking about my landline in particular. We have Verizon. A couple of weeks ago, someone who we believe is a relative that went missing some years ago (straight-up disappeared, without a trace or so much as a goodbye), called our home. It sounded like him and he asked for my mother with whom he always had a greater connection to. I am just wondering if we called up the phone company, would they give us the number? We don’t have Caller ID on the landline. We have the date of the day he called and the approximate hour.

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Probably not to you, but maybe to the police. I don’t know how long a missing persons case is held open, but the police department who opened the case may be able to get Verizon to give them the number. I don’t know if the police would give you the number or not.

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First, has a police report been made on this missing person? If so, the police agency that made the report, should help you recover the phone number information.

Private citizens cannot obtain this information. This is why a police report is made. This makes it an official police report and the police can follow up on this information.

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just get your call records from Verizon, it should be free, and you don’t need to be a cop, it will show all your calls, they can mail it you after the billing period.

or try logging into your account the Verizon website, if you happen to have Fios Digital Voice then you can view call logs online.

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@nyboy718 – Verizon will give you a list of calls that you received?

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i don’t see why not, if you’re their customer they have to, just as cell phone bills have call logs so do landlines, (if not there, then should be requested).

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