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Why can my girlfriend not see the illusion this picture makes?

Asked by trickface (2341points) August 11th, 2011

I found this picture and was pleasantly surprised to notice that it is an optical illusion, the picture seems to move, the small shapes appear roll around and shrink and grow as you naturally look at different parts of the picture.

When I showed my partner she said she didn’t notice any movement or illusion, it just didn’t work for her, why not?

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I see a lot of wiggling in that picture, but I don’t see any other shapes. I suppose if I had it in my house, I would. I often have a hard time seeing the illusions in pictures that other people see, also. My brain just refuses to recognize alternate images, I guess.

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When I look at it (with my eyes locked on one point), it doesn’t move either.
Only when I move my view from left to right to up to down it starts to wave and move.
Tell her to move her eyes/view, maybe that will change it for her too.

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@YARNLADY you see what I see, the shapes are wiggling. I just put it differently.

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oooh that’s almost creepy… Although by concentrating really hard on one spot I managed to get it to stop moving, I think by making sure my eyes weren’t moving. So I suspect your gf has an extremely steady gaze with no flickering or movement of her eyes when she looks at something,

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She just had to put her glasses on. This was another reminder/realisation of “Oh you’re that blind, huh”.

Thanks all for your answers.

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She’s a vampire.

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Oh gosh, that made me nauseous. She can see it now?

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I see the movement. A curtain ..window open… slightly windy. Added: But maily the middle part is moving not so much the top right and left bottom corners.

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Poor gestalt

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How could anyone stand to have that in their house? Would they not have to have the strongest stomach in the world?

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So it wasn’t because she didn’t have a soul?

(I remember a passage in a Stephen King novel about a boy who couldn’t see a figure of Jesus in this illusion picture and it was sort of implied that that was because he didn’t have a soul. Creepy).

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No movement observed here, either.

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Maybe she’s a contrary.. Doesn’t want to see it because you do.

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I noticed the same thing as @rebbel
If I just stared at it, it didn’t move.
As my eyes would scan, then it would move.

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I hear women have a thing in their eye that guys dont have. Guys have 3, women have 4, maybe that has something to do with it.

For me, It moved and made a wave kind of effect, then it stopped moving, and now only the corners move.

EDIT: now the corners don’t move but the middle does.

What a strange picture.

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@Aethelflaed there used to be wallpaper like that in the 1970s….

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@downtide Were people constantly forced to smoke even more pot than they already were to stave off all the puking?

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I see wiggling. Movement of the aqueous humour is what seems to be the culprit.

@downtide They don’t make ‘em like that any more?

@poisonedantidote What thing is it. Can you please be more specific? I need to know.

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@atlantis no but my parents didn’t get rid of theirs til about 1992…

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