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You're moving to a new area and don't know a soul. If you were going to use "Meet-up" to find groups of individuals to spend time with, what activities would you type in your search?

Asked by Jude (32144points) August 12th, 2011

Astronomy, walking, yoga, cooking, GLBT?

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Painting.Then I would slap myself for thinking such a thing.I like to work alone;)

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Movie club! Yey!

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@Jude Something you are interested in, and that has a “Meet-up”.
Also a book club, maybe at local library.

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Dining and Ethnic Dining are two of the most popular meetups in the Connecticut area.

Kayaking, hiking (or walking), bicycling and “outdoor activities” are also popular. I also belong to a mostly-female book club; that’s a blast.

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Yoga– to find people who like to be healthy
Natural hair– In my experience, Black women who were their natural hair have a solid mindset that I can appreciate
GLBT– to find open-minded people who are secure in their sexuality
Marijuana if I could– to find laid back people

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I just type in “GTL”, and I get a guaranteed party every time!

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Mine at meetup are Book Clubs, Singles, Theater and Performance Art, Social Networking, and Hiking.

Your list is great if that’s what you like!

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Kinda depends on where you go and what you’re interested in. I mean, you wouldn’t want to organize camping trips if you’re afraid of the woods, or organize a trip to the mall if you hate shopping.

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I am asking jellies what they would type in the search, for themselves. :)

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Astronomy, Night Geocaching.. You meet nice, intelligent people in the dark. What’s not to like?

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I tried sex just for the heck of it. Whoa.

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It depends on what I am interested in doing.

I would likely do dog off-leash groups, writing.

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Rock climbing, motorcycles, LGBT

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Bird-watching, and home improvement groups. Once I make the move to merry ol’ England, I’d like to do volunteer work with their local council in order to understand how the government works. Oh, and there is this really cool, incredibly old cemetery down the road that has a group advertising on Facebook for new members to help with refurbishment and upkeep. That would be an interesting way to learn about the local history.

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Anyone see what happens if you type in fluther? Or any other Q&A site?

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@wundayatta Tried it, got no match.

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Our city has a “Do Something New” group that is very active. We’ve gone on beer tours, hikes, pub nights, karaoke nights…and the list goes on and on.

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My region is so sparsely populated that there are only two Meet Up groups. One is for Tea Party and the other is for Furries. Sort of makes me ponder people as I pass them on the street. I won’t be joining either group

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@Blueroses my son told me about Furries. It is very strange phenomena and hilarious at the same time.

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Hiking, nature, bird watching, volunteering…I’m more inclined to meet people on walks or at museums I like, though.

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Off the top of my head: boxing, philosophy, poetry, swimming, wrestling, dogs, cycling, Mustangs, zombies, sex, and Warhammer 40k.

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Folk music.

I can usually manage somehow to find a folk club happenning in any given week, anywhere in the UK.

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Maybe look up festivals as well.

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Kayaking, wilderness skills, gardening, radical politics, and books.

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@Blueroses Start your own group: “not tea party or furries.” There must be at least two of you…and if not… ... run.

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Hiking, kayaking, fishing and photography

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