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Can mods read or have access to PMs?

Asked by Porifera (3064points) August 13th, 2011

If so, does that make the PM not so private?
If a mod reads something in a PM, is it acceptable for them to divulge that in a thread or in open forum?

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Can mods read or have access to PMs?

Only Augustlan can read member PM’s, I believe.

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I know that Augustlan can read PMs, but I am not sure about the mods. However, regardless of who can do so, I know that they would never make that information known to the public. That is between you and the sender only, being that it is a private message for a reason. I know that Augustlan, or any of the other mods for that matter (in the event that they do have access), would never even read a PM unless it was brought to their attention by either the sender or the receiver as being harassment or some other inappropriate message.

Edit: Augustlan just confirmed that only she has access to PMs.

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Nothing we write here is totally private, that is my philosophy. I agree with Fly that Auggie would never read pms to snoop, but if you put it in writing on the internet, it can always be shared or read.

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As for the comment, If a mod reads something in a PM, is it acceptable for them to divulge that in a thread or in open forum?, no, it is not acceptable. Fortunately, the choice of Augustlan, who has the ability to keep mum about the atrocities that she may be called upon to view on this site has the gracious ability to keep the content restricted to the parties involved.

Even the moderators, who volunteer and receive no monetary reimbursement, appear to have the tact to keep comments about moderated public posts between themselves. For me, they all set an example of how I want to act both on Fluther and in the outside world.

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All you have to do is claim someone is on your case, and Augustlan will look into it. I.e., read the pms. If you want anything private, don’t put it on fluther. Also, remember that there are a lot of immature crybabies here who can’t handle their own business. They can drag Augustlan in for the stupidest things. Remember, it’s the person who retaliates who always gets caught.

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I believe that the mods cannot read the PM’s, but Auggie can. (if she has too, I’m pretty sure she has better things to do than snoop in our shit, unless someone complains about something…wonder how many of mine she read XD Joking lol) Any other staff member that is/was a position higher than a mod could, too. (Ben, Andrew, I don’t know who else)

If I’m wrong, I’ll gladly stand corrected. I’m not entirely sure, but I think that’s how it goes.

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If you want something private take someone else, launch a space shuttle, travel to the moon, get naked there ]no wires etc] and talk there. [that is you really want privacy].

And besides… server admins can read, oh and anyone who knows a bit of hacking. [it’s not like the site is encrypted to much for heavy protection]

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I, and the site’s founders (Andrew and Ben) can read PMs, if necessary. Other mods cannot. We would not reveal the information publicly.

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I can too – but I don’t abuse this power. JK – relax.~

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And once again, something my Dad taught me from the days of waaaaay before the Internet: “Discretion is the better part of valor.”

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