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Is the chatroom broken... again?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (19428points) April 17th, 2017

OK, I’ve noticed something unusual about the chatroom. I can’t post there while some other people can. It seems that certain users can’t post on chat.

At first I thought it was my IP address. But I used a VPN and I still couldn’t post.

Mods, can you see to this problem?

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Same here. When I went, I typed a message, clicked, got a blank screen. No refresh, nothing. All I could do was go back, to find my message still in the box. All I could do was exit.

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It works for me.

Apparently it also works for EC and JP, but not for you two nor cinnamonk.

I guess it’s become misogynic and only works for dudes. ;-o

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@Brian1946 thanks for informing me that it’s time to make it disappear quietly ~

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I’m able to use it. @Mimishu1995 you were still in there!

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@Stinley Just came back to test. Not working for me.

If it didn’t work for everyone the problem would be obvious. The chatroom is going to give whoever fixes it a hard time :(

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Blank screen here too. I had to reload to post this.

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It’s working for me!! No issues encountered.

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Where’s Ben when we need him?

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