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Ron Paul says that corporations are not people. What role could this have in the corporate media blackout of his success in the Iowa straw poll?

Asked by SquirrelEStuff (10007points) August 15th, 2011

Ron Paul was asked about corporations being people. He is most likely the only candidate running for President who feels that they are not.

During the Fox Iowa Debate, he came out on top of all polls, which were quickly taken down.
He came in second in the Iowa straw poll, losing to Michelle Bachmann by less than 1%, yet got very little attention for it. In fact, many headlines read, “Bachmann 1st. Pawlenty 3rd.”
Despite his anti-war stance, he is leading all candidates, including Obama, in contributions from soldiers in the military.

Since the main-stream media is owned by corporations who benefit from war and being considered people, could his denouncing corporate personhood and anti-war stance seriously hurt his chances to beat the 3 establishment candidates that the media has declared as the front-runners?

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Ron Paul did well in Iowa, and he will do well in New Hampshire, but he will have trouble in most other states. He knows it, the Republicans know it, and the media knows it.
Pawlenty got a distant third, and it killed him. If he can’t get Iowa, he knows he can’t win.
Bachmann now becomes one of the 3 leaders, with Romney and Perry, for the moment. New Hampshire will damage Romney and Perry, but they will stay in for the states ahead that they know they can win. Bachmann will have the light until she becomes a serial loser in the other states, after New Hampshire. The difference between Bachmann and Ron Paul is the Republicans will enjoy crushing Bachmanns hopes for a nomination ever.

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Anything is possible. But I doubt that corporations feel threatened by him. He’s pretty much a fringe candidate, and the straw poll is mostly entertainment, not anything meaningful. Just grist for the political pundits’ mills.

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Why do you claim a media blackout? It was well reported yesterday about the straw poll, in fact there have been articles about Mr Paul moving from the fringe in 2008 to being mainstream republican now.

There have also been articles about his stance on “social values” versus the other candidates and the religious right, about his new view on abortion.

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He does seem mainstream compared to some of the crazies out there. Still way to conservative for me.

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I would not doubt his stance of corporate personage is not helping but in the end corporations will back the clear front runner no matter what and he still has his work cut out for him to establish himself as the sure thing.

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Ron Paul says a lot of things the corporate world doesn’t want said. But I did hear ABC and even MSNBC report that he was second in the Straw Poll and only lost by 200 votes. I don’t think that’s a blackout. I don’t know what Fox chose to feature in their coverage. But my guess is that neither Rupert Murdoch nor Roger Ailes are ardent Ron Paul fans.

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I just happened to see a headline summary of tonight’s Daily Show; apparently Jon Stewart agrees the media have been ignoring Ron Paul.

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Ron Paul is the only one that worries me. He seems outwardly less crazy than the other contenders, and he knows how to appeal to people, but I think a lot of his real beliefs shine through when Rand speaks. Meanwhile, Bachmann and Perry are equally horrible, and the Republican party hates Romney.

It’s early days yet. The straw poll is probably about as reliable a predictor as a groundhog.

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The Daily Show goes to town in this in tonight’s episode like zenvelo said. It should be up on their site soon.

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Do any of you think that an anti-corporate candidate could ever be elected basd on the power of the corporate media on public opinion?

Jon Stewart- “Why is the media ignoring Ron Paul?”'%20rel='nofollow

He only seems crazy to people because of the way he portrayed by the media. Anyone who says hes crazy, usually has nothing to back that up, except for a short clip and a pundit talking over it trying to make him look crazy. It’s not that the media never talks about him, it’s how they talk about him. Jon Stewart said this has been going on for weeks, when it reality, it has been going on for years.
Here’s a video from a 2008 debate. Listen to how the question is asked with Sean Hannity laughing in the background? What does this to the way peole perceive him?
Fringe candidates, mavericks, and front runners are and have been, consistently decided by the media. This is where a large majority, of the small minority who actually do vote, get their information from. Those of us who follow politics, most likely have their minds made up of who to vote for. The rest of the public who vote, usually wait until the week before the election until they turn on the tv to see who is leading the polls, which is who they will vote for. No one wants to pick a loser, right?

I’m surprised that more “liberals” aren’t supporting him to beat the other republicans. I don’t know how many of you have actually read any of his books, but i think that many would find that they have more in common with his beliefs and views than any other republican candidate and maybe more than Obama.

Ron Paul is against the six wars that we are in, the war on drugs, FISA, Patriot Act, military commissions, corporate personhood, torture, printing money,etc. All of which have been extended under Obama and will be extended further by any other candidate.
And if you guys truly think he has no chance of winning, wouldn’t you rather him run against Obama than any of the billionaire backed candidates?

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If I backed him, which I never would, I couldn’t do anything about it unless I changed my registration, which I have no interest in doing.

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@SquirrelEStuff Eliminating the Federa Reserve without replacing it with any sort of national reserve banking system and returning to the use of Gold as currency is crazy talk, and it didn’t fall to corporate media to distort that into craziness. With the current gold recerves and the growth of the US Gross Domestic Product since we left the gold standard, small transactions would require somehow separating out individual atoms of gold in order to make payment. No modern nation works without a reserve banking system to adjust the money supply to keep pace with the growth and shrinkage of its GDP.

When he calls for auditing the Fed, that makes sense. When he talks of eliminating it and going back on a gold standard, that’s nuts. It’s too bad, because there is a lot he has to say that makes perfect sense, and he’s the only one in either party saying it.

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Ron Paul is wrong.

A Corporation is a group of merchants or traders united in a trade guild.

That sounds like people to me.

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