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How do you feel about the Justice Department considering letting the FBI investigate Americans without any evidence of wrongdoing, relying instead on a terrorist profile that could single out Muslims, Arabs, or other racial and ethnic groups?

Asked by SquirrelEStuff (10007points) July 9th, 2008

I think it is wrong to do this towards Muslims and Arabs, but notice it is very broad and says other racial or ethnic groups. This opens the door for everyone, especially with warrantless wiretapping.

When is this stuff gonna end?

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I think it’s bogus. It’s going to take years to undo what’s been done by Bush & Co.

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At Washington speed, especially with Senatorial scrutiny, it will be difficult to put this in place before Bush leaves office. It is unlikely that subsequent administrations will continue that policy if he is able to implement it.

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This question is too long. I can’t handle it. Make better use of the details field next time.

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Did we learn nothing from the J. Edgar Hoover era???

”...Hoover was accused of exceeding and abusing his authority, criticism that grew especially strong in the 1960s. He is known to have investigated individuals and groups because of their political beliefs rather than their suspected criminal activity,,,” (source)

“a plan by former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover sought to suspend habeas corpus during wartime, with the intention of imprisoning thousands of Americans indefinitely. Hoover’s plan was submitted to the White House twelve days after the start of the Korean War. Under the plan, approximately 12,000 people deemed as “potentially dangerous” to national security, 97% of whom were American citizens, would have been rounded up and sent to military prisons without due process.” (source)

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Is it just me or are all your “questions” platforms for your political opinions?

Do you really expect anyone to jump in with a thoughtful answer justifying this action?

What are you looking for, exactly?

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This will be my only response to this question, you have my word. I like hearing what people say about these things, since it seems more people on fluther are aware of whats going on than people I talk to in person. I learn alot by responses on fluther. Harp’s response is a great example.

I research what people talk about on here and hopefully some people research the things I talk about on here. What am I looking for ? As much knowledge as possible, without going to college. Sorry if that bothers you.

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“I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.”

—James Madison

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If these laws were applied to Islamic countries, nearly all the government would be considered ‘terrorists.’ Actually, the white separatists are the libs target, remember Clinton?

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This ‘door’ you are referring to has been ‘open’ since the beginning of this country. Certain government agencies have always operated outside the law. The only difference I can see is that there is more public notice of it, due to the internet.

The internet is full of doomsdayers hollering about this wrong and that wrong and providing as much distorted misinformation as they possibly can. In my way on thinking, they are the ones we have to worry more about.

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It’s just WRONG !

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