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Why can't I get online w/ Ubuntu and D-Link DIR-655 router?

Asked by prioritymail (1630points) August 15th, 2011

My computer “sees” the network but I am not able to connect. I started with Ubuntu 64bit 10.04 LTS and upgraded yesterday to 10.10 thinking that might help. Nope. I’m now upgrading to 11.04 hoping it will work…I have a security key and password to input. I tried changing the settings to WPA Enterprise instead of Personal under “Configure VPN” and this gives a box for a key (not sure if it’s the key I have though) but it requires you to search for a file rather than input a string of text. I have a string of text. With WPA Personal, it only has a place to type a password, not the key. I’m stumped and already tried the Ubuntu forums. Any ideas? Thanks.

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You don’t want WPA Enterprise, you want WPA Personal. The password it’s asking for is the same as the key. The two are used interchangeably in this case.

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Ohhhhh. Ok. Thanks! It still doesn’t work, but it does help to know this.

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Assuming this is for wireless, try looking for your specific driver on the WORKING or NOT WORKING pages here . It may just be that your wireless driver doesn’t play nice with Ubuntu. I had the same problem on my last laptop, and could only work with ethernet in Linux – and even that wouldn’t work with every distro. I don’t know how up to date these pages are, but you might find an answer there.

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Cool thanks. Yea the D Link DIR 655 isnt on any of the lists. This is for wireless.

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Are you able to connect to other wireless networks using the same machine?

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I get a box for loading a certificate file or something when I connect to my university’s network, but it works just fine when I don’t select a file but just press Connect.

Also, the Ubuntu wiki has a quite comprehensive wireless troubleshooting guide.

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@koanhead Yup, I am able to get on at Starbucks, for example, and a couple other places I’ve recently tried with all three Ubuntu versions (10.04 LTS, 10.10, 11.04). All of these connections were unsecured. So, I’m not sure if it is the network security that is the problem or something else.

@Vincentt Thanks for this.

I am not getting any pop ups for certificate files or anything else when I try to connect.

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@prioritymail Oh, I thought that was the “box for a key (not sure if it’s the key I have though) but it requires you to search for a file rather than input a string of text.”

Do you know of a network somewhere (perhaps at a friend’s) that is secured, to see if you can connect there? Might it be a problem with your specific router?

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@Vincentt I wish I did, but don’t. But thank you for the reply. I actually just got on today…and I’m not sure exactly how (I think it had something to do with creating a new network manually with all the same info for the one I was trying to connect to, and then connecting to the existing network I was originally trying to get on – just connecting to the network wasn’t working, but there may have been a typo involved, too…. :/ ). My new problem is connecting with my desktop PC which is running Vista Business. After an hour on the phone with the router’s tech support, all they could tell me was contact the wireless adapter’s manufacturer and get the latest drivers. I think that’s all up to date though so we’ll see how that works out…. at least I have one connection to the world now!

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