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Installed ubuntu on a portable hard drive, can you help me solve problems with hardware?

Asked by LeotCol (2275points) February 5th, 2010

I have Dell Studio 1535. 3gb ram, Core 2 Duo 2Ghz, 250gb HDD, ATI 256mb graphics card etc.

I have a small portable hard drive, 30gb. I managed to install ubuntu on in along with grub so that it wouldn’t interfere with my system when its not plugged in.

That worked fine apart from the fact that it says “No boot sector found on usb device” or something along those lines. But I can boot it when I choose one time boot and select it.

So I could probably live with that, except it will not let me use the wireless. Currently plugged in with the ethernet cable. I can’t download things I need using the terminal either while plugged in.

For example “sudo apt-get install vlc” just returns package not found. I don’t know what to do.

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Why are you using the command line to instsll software?

I think the command should be:

$ sudo apt-get install VideoLan Client or something like that.

I’d just use synaptic to install anyway, it’s quicker whan you want to install lots of software at the ame time, and you don’t have to dick around making sure your syntax and spelling is 100% correct.

Main Menu > Administrative Tools > System > Synaptic

Search for VLC and mark it for installation, then do the same for all the other [ackages you want, then hit apply.

This thread on the Ubuntu forums holds the answer. It seems to ba a Broadcom wireless card. I recommend you join the forums – it’s a good resource.

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Sorry for the appalling typos in my previous answer – I don’t know wtf I was doing.

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