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Help troubleshooting Ubuntu installation?

Asked by robdamel (786points) August 16th, 2011

I need serious help with this.. I now only have Ubuntu on my computer, as I was confident it would boot without problems if it was the only OS on my system. However, it simply does not boot. It loads the grub menu, and when I select to load Ubuntu, one of the following happens:

-Leads to a black screen with a blinking cursor.
-Leads to the ubuntu background without the logo, just that purple background with no further actions.
-Leads to a black background.

I have tried-

-extending root delay by adding rootdelay=90 after pressing `e` at the grub menu.
-placing root=/dev/sda1 in the same location as above.
-adding/replacing other stuff in the same location as above, according to solutions on the internet, but to no avail.

Calling all experts, whether google expert searchers or linux experts. I have googled to the best of my ability on a solution to this problem.

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Did you try a LiveCD/LiveUSB environment before install?

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Yeah i can boot it through my usb no problem. I forgot to mention, its a gateway laptop. But then again, if its booting fine through the usb, then it shouldnt be a hardware compatibility problem. I’m already considering another distro, maybe SUSE or MINT.

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It’s really odd that it doesn’t work while it did from the LiveCD. You could try installing the latest LTS version to see if that works, and perhaps switch to a different boot loader than Grub2.

Also, is a good place to ask Ubuntu-related questions.

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If it boots into a live environment, it’s likely not a hardware compatibility issue.

Daft question time – have you tried reinstalling?

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If you really want to try Ubuntu and it has already failed installing try installing Ubuntu netbook remix. Its worth a try…

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@PocketWatch – it doesn’t strike me that @robdamel is trying Ubuntu for the first time (correct me if I’m wrong).

I don’t get why you would recommend UNR as an alternative – it’s basically Ubuntu, but old – UNR was dropped a year ago in favour of the Unity desktop environment.

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@the100thmonkey hahah thanks, i`ll take that as a compliment but yeah i`m trying Ubtuntu for the first time! Im an aspiring progammer so i decided its time I start messing around with Linux. Plus, i`m tired of windows.

I`m downloading Opensuse now from ubuntu recovery mode. I`ll have to figure out how i`m gonna make my usb bootable to install it. hmm…

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@the100thmonkey yeah I installed it about 4 times now. The first 4 times were wubi, the next 3 from flash drive.

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Ubuntu should have a startup disk creator. You can use that to make a bootable USB drive.

What’s the model number of the laptop?

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EC1803 Gateway is my laptop model, 2gb ram and 250gb hard drive.

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