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I am getting into the programming world, why is linux so important for programmers?

Asked by robdamel (791points) August 14th, 2011

I am about to install ubuntu since i want to learn everything about programming. (learning Python now)

What makes Ubuntu difficult to learn? Why does every programmer like linux? Whats so important about it?

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From what I understand most servers are run on a linux based system due to ease of use.

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Bottom line: It’s open source and most importantly it is NOT Microsoft.

You see, there is a reason that geeks often refer to Microsoft as “The Evil Empire”. For decades they have made a conscious effort to essentially take over and lock down the entire software industry (and to a large extent succeeded).

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It’s not difficult to ‘learn’ ubuntu!

Flexibility is really the most important thing about Linux. Microsoft imposes all sorts of artificial limitations on us.

It’s the whole Free/Open movement (Linux is Free & Open Source), which is about pure transparency, facilitated flexibility, constant modification and free development of ideas.

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You could be a complete lazy sell-out developer like me. I work in a Microsoft shop (.NET/C# and SQL Server). No Linux required.

Note: Real “programmers” would spit on me right from their soap box if they could.

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@tom_g – So… how much does Microsoft bilk you out of charge you each year for the “privilege” of being a part of the “developer network” these days? (In leu of spit… ;) )

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@YoBob – To be honest, I have no idea. I let the suits take care of that stuff. My parent company is actually developing software for Microsoft, so I’m assuming they have some deal worked out.

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@tom_g – (In best Darth Vader voice) You are privileged to serve the empire…

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