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If you've ever been chased by an animal, could you please divulge a little detail?

Asked by ucme (45477points) August 17th, 2011

No matter which animal or how brief the pursuit may have been.
What were the circumstances surrounding this “ordeal”?
As far as I can recall, i’ve been chased by several dogs, a cow & some geese. All of these incidents ended without injury to myself or the various beasts in question. Although I did feel a little silly at the time. How about you then eh?

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Dog in my VW bug, almost didn’t out run him.

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Riding my bike by a marshland, this bird with red wings would always dive-bomb at my hair and dig its claws into my scalp. I was able to drive it off by waving my backpack at it, but I was sure to wear a helmet after that.

I’ve also been chased by a dog on two separate occasions. I’ve learned that if you actually run at the dog, it’ll stop chasing you.

I’m not an animal lover.

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I was hiking in some woods near Morro Bay, CA when I came across a very large owl. She dive bombed me several times and I ran until I didn’t see her any longer. She was not very happy with me. I must have been very close to her nest.

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Oh yea, the time we took the short cut after school to one of my high school friend’s house. We cut through a field, triple strand barbwire. Okay we get to the far side and are going to duck again through the barbwire and from the other end of the field comes a charging Holstein BULL ! !

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I have been chased by 2 Rottweilers while walking once, and also by a steer when I was a kid.
Both were very scary.
The dogs turned out to back off at the last minute, but, I was on a little dirt road in the hills and there were no sticks or anything to try and defend myself with, just pebbles and grass and big trees there was no way I could climb

I really thought these dogs were going to slaughter me, they both outweighed me by probably 80 lbs!. lol

The steer was in a field and a few of us kids were teasing it, I was about 11, it charged us and we barely made it to the gate of the field.

I did come face to face with a Mtn. Lion behind my goose barn a few years ago, thast was a tense few moments. It backed off into the underbrush.

I tripped over a rattlesnake walking on a river trails last summer, but, it didn’t chase me.

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I was chased by a goose once at a duck pond when I was very young. I ran through a group of ducks that were milling around, which made them all take off. A bunch of them hit the goose as they flew away. This distracted it enough to get me off the hook.

Totally on purpose, I swear. ~

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@Coloma Somehow I knew you’d come good on this one, Miss Animal Magnet ;¬}
Proper scary with those dogs though, i’d have shit my pants right there & then.

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I hung out with a girl in my neighborhood; she told me to come over. When I got to the door, their small dog (bichon) was at the door. I was still afraid of dogs then (I was 9) and was afraid to go to the door. After taking some breaths and sucking it up, I walked up to the door, reached for the bell, and it barked and started chasing me lol. I ran about 15ft before it stopped lol.

I went back home and called and told her what happened and she apologized. She was only a few houses down, so she grabbed him and i came back lol.

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I was attacked by a swarm a small swarm, maybe only twenty, thirty of horse flies when I was about fifteen years old.
It was the first day of the vacation that I went on with my parents and kid brother.
In the evening we were strolling a bit in the nearby forest when suddenly the f-ers decided to visit me, and only me…, family members were spared.
I must have looked like a lunatic, arms and legs flailing and screaming like a little girl.
It was panic.

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The first night I spent over at a boyfriends, his ferret kept me locked in the bathroom for 45 minutes. It turned out to be mostly ok, because boyfriend had Jewtopia in the bathroom for reading, and I hadn’t read it yet, so I finally found out just what the deal is with Jews and Chinese food.

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Oh yeah, although totally deserved, my friends and I were chased by a swarm of bees because we threw rocks at their hive. I was stung twice…..kinda sucked lol. It was just hanging there out in the open, what were we supposed ta do?

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While cycling past a farm a collie dog ran at me snapping at my ankles. I managed to beat it off with my bicycle pump.

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I have been chased by dogs,geese,bees,Psycho Bob and my cat.

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When I was about thirteen I visited some kind of animal farm/park thing, and I was chased by a territorial goose who decided that the picnic area belonged to him, and all humans (except the ones who were feeding it) needed to be evicted. The same goose later trapped my uncle in the public toilets and wouldn’t let him out. It literally barricaded the doorway.

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My first year at uni, I got chased by a sow out of the barnyard on campus. I was taking a shortcut across it and inadvertently walked too close to a newborn litter of piglets. Mummy Sow was not happy. Also, Mum was ~400 lbs. I hadn’t yet gained my “freshman 15”, so I was closer to 98 lbs.

It was the only time in my life where I leaped over a fence. My old high school track coach would’ve been proud.

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A cow moose was chasing me once while mountain biking. I was doing the hustle across some nasty terrain trying to get away from her. She broke off the chase thankfully. As wild as I was thrashing that bike I would have crashed if it went much further, or she would have reeled me in and stepped on me.
Another bike chase by deer flies, this time they got me and they bite as soon as they land on ya. It’s really hard to ride faster than deer flies.

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A cow?? What the eff lol.

Hm…well this story isn’t me being…chased, per se, but listen on. It was wasps. A friend and I were on the river bank, and it was a steep way back up. While climbing, I stepped on some kind of underground wasp nest. Or so I assume, since the first sting was on my ankle I felt one sting on my ankle.
No big deal I think to myself, when I was little I loved bugs and went after em all the time. I got stung and attacked and bit by so many types of critters.
So, we keep climbing. Then I start to feel more stings on my legs, and I’m like aaah what the hell. All of a sudden man, there were wasps everywhere around us. My friend was freaking out, and I was scrambling up the hill like mad, getting stung all over my legs. They were on our clothes, in our hair, buzzing sounds everywhere. Finally getting up, we sorta looked like how a cowboy would dance to someone shooting bullets at his feet. We ran like mad, and those fuckers actually followed us for a bit. I was trying to get them out of my hair, and kept getting stung on my hands.

So finally we get to my place. My dad was gonna take us to the doctor, but we were fine. Wasps aren’t all that bad, I’m just glad these weren’t bees. But it did hurt. Dad walked my friend home, and I went to take a bath, it really helped with all the stings.

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@Symbeline Cows are freaky when they have a new calf.

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Aw, @lucillelucillelucille, you took my line! I was going to say ‘His name was Bob.’

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Haha, I’m loving the being chased by a goose stories.
Marwyn never chases, if you pet him nicely and talk to him nicely he will be your buddy for the rest of the day. If you act afraid or challenge him, it’s all over, forever.

He will harass you for the rest of the day because he knows he can. haha

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Dogs, chickens, a wild turkey, a vulture, a snake or two, and a rabid coyote (that I wound up having to shoot).

The vulture was terrifying.

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Several dogs, a screech owl, a mad pigeon, a barnyard bull and a cow moose with her calf.
All were frightening but the moose was the worst.

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As a kid at my parents’ house I was chased by a wild turkey. It had a nest in the back yard and thought I was after its eggs. That was a scary bird – I think that may have been the fastest I’ve ever run. I looked pretty crazy.

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I wasn’t chased, but I was ambushed by a skunk once.
When I was 17 or so, I decided to do laundry at about, 3am. I gathered my stuff and started walking to the laundry room in my apartment complex. While rounding the building, I noticed a black and white, fluffy creature walking out of the bushes towards me. I didn’t have my glasses on, so my first thought was that it was a cat. So, I took a step forward and started to kneel down to pet it. Then I realized it was a skunk.
I was paralyzed. I didn’t know what to do. Do I run and risk getting sprayed? Or stay still and risk getting sprayed?
Meanwhile, it’s about a foot away from my feet, hissing and threatening to lunge at me.
After what seemed like forever, it calmed down and lumbered back into the bushes and I ran back home. The laundry could wait at that point. Haha.

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I was ambushed by a cloud of midgies one summer outside the Kings House Hotel in Glen Coe. As soon as we stepped out the door they swarmed around us in a dense mass and followed us as we ran to the car. It took 20 minutes to clear them from our car so we could drive off.

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Cheers al, good stuff! I’m not laughing…..honest i’m not ;¬}
@Symbeline Okay, the cow chase was started because myself & a couple of mates thought it would be a good idea to go all cowboy on it’s square arse. We ran up to it clapping our hands, yelling yee haw!! It didn’t work, the fat bastard chased us like a demented living tank, we never tried it again, oh & we were only kids at the time. That’s my excuse & by gum….i’m sticking to it!

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@ucme Lmao nice. Learned a little lesson, did we? :)

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@Symbeline Indeed & that lesson must surely be, I ain’t got no beef wiv dem cows!

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Can’t call it a chase ‘cause I was caught off guard and there was no place to run.

Was walking home from the bus stop one evening when this big Marmaduke sized dog ran up to me, placed his huge paws on my chest and slobbered down the front of my shirt. We stood there for what seemed like hours while the beast contemplated whether I was worth his effort.

I knew not to run ‘cause that would have been deadly for me, so I stood there trying to act as if I wasn’t terrified…praying someone would come along and call this big mutha f-er off me.
Just so happened some kids wandered by across the street and the monster dog shifted his interest toward them. So as he wandered off in their direction, I “casually” slinked off in the opposite direction. If I remember correctly, I walked 2 blocks out of my way to avoid the damn thing.

Told my co-workers about the incident, which has turned into an endless bit of hilarity for them, though for the life of me I fail to see what’s so got damned funny!

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