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Have your imagination ever run with classical music?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) August 17th, 2011

I have a feeling that it’s not only me who was brought in to imaginative stories while I was listening to classical music/orchestra.

The very simple example I could give is when I was listening to “Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy” classical song I was taken in to Northern land, with glacier, and icy caves. I saw sugar plum fairies dancing in ballet style so delicately on a freezing lake, their bulky and white body dance harmoniously with the deep, clear, and dark-bluish freezing lake. I even ventured inside the icy caves, and peek those dancing fairies from inside the icy cave through some icy opened-gap. That song is short enough, if it’s a long song my imagination could run even deeper and more diverse as the music goes on.

How about you? Mind to give your personal experience?

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It will help to have it in the background when I’m working on something but I don’t try to imagine the song playing out. If I’m trying hard to concentrate on things I don’t do well with screaming stratocasters bombarding me even if the volume is low, it just won’t work but classical promotes calm thinking if it is there to be had at all. I rarely if ever catch the name of the music.

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My very favorite Polovtsian Dances from the opera Prince Igor by Borodin. I put it on, close my eyes and my imagination fills in so many pictures.

Debussy’s Afternoon of a Faun also makes stories in my head.

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I wrote a series of three stories based on Bach’s “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring.”

I wound up getting a full scholarship to college, in part because of these stories.

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No, but “Have your imagination…..” is now running through mine.

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Classical music hasn’t inspired stories in me so much as emotion. I feel more when listening to it, and it helps me write poems inspired by the music.

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When I was a child, I’d listen to classical music every day. I’d think of a different story each day, and act like all the people and creatures I had made up were actually there.

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I know I did imagine things and fantasized a bit but I can’t remember any of them now.

[I’ll return later]

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Edvard Grieg’s music from Peer Gynt has always evoked wonderful pictures for me. “Morning Mood” and “The Hall of the Mountain King.”

I also find Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” very evocative.

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When my school band played the song that was the I Know You song in Sleeping beauty It had an actual name, but I forget what it was. I imagined two people dancing together in a forest, like it was in the movie.

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Whenever I listen to any music, I am drawn into a story within my mind. Not only classical music. However, music without words lets my imagination run wind, which is preferable at times.

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A lot of the Saturday morning cartoons that we grew up with a half-century ago were backgrounded with classical music.

Listen to Rossini’s William Tell Overture (Part 1, Part 2) and notice how many themes you recognize from various places – apart from the one that everyone you know will recognize.

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