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Can you help me to solve this "profestism" issue?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8235points) October 5th, 2010

To all my people: Today my teacher gave me an assignment about ‘profestism’ and I must learn about this particular subject. The problem is that I can’t find any references about this profestism stuff even after I’ve Google around for many times,and I don’t even know what it means. I’ve asked her about this but she refused to tell me what it means or any reliable clue about it. She just said “It’s about philosophy”,that’s all.

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break the word down and try it from there.

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It might also help if we knew the assignment as it relates to the rest of the course.

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@thekoukoureport I’ve tried that but I still can’t find any correlative fact about it.

@iamthemob She said it’s about the study of linguistic/literature and philosophy.

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what’s the course?

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English literature.

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go to google
type profestism + language that will get you started.

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I’ve done that but I can’t find any clue about ‘profestism’. Maybe a direct link would be sufficient.

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Full text of “A critical and exegetical commentary on the Book of…
These words all belong to the language of government and of trade, and, ...... <tL: profestisM. — o^B^p nvnS] om. L: the periphrastic form expresses the… – CachedYou have removed results from this search. Hide them

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I believe it was the book of ezra. on the end of that. My computer froze when I hit the link.
Could I get some writers credit?
At least a reference or footnote?

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Esther. But that source doesn’t really deal with profestism – I believe that the word as it pops up may be more along the lines of a glitch in the digitization of the original archive.

I think it was mentioned that google had been attempted. ;-)

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@thekoukoureport This is weird,I too,can’t access your link. But this link seems to be the content of the your link even though I can’t find the essence of profestism there and that article has nothing to do with philosophy.

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I think your teacher is screwing with you. ;-)

“Le prof est ism” would read the teacher’s an ism, and -ism appears to be an english suffix rooted in french.

Prof est, regardless, is “teacher is.”

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Could it be to do with Shakespeare?... try this

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(Hmm, maybe not….)

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It sounds like a made up word based on the word ‘professed’. I don’t know what your teacher is getting at here. Rather than do nothing I would make up a meaning and try to keep a straight face for as long as possible.

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Reminds me of our camp director referring to the actions of the bible’s prophets as “propheteering.” I can’t seem to find any mention of profetism via the web just like most of you. I did, however, find results for prophetism (spelled differently). Here’s what has to say:

1. the behavior of a prophet or prophets.
2. the philosophical system of the Hebrew prophets.

Google also came up with a hit that read, “PSYCHOLOGY OF PROPHETISM.” Hope that helps!

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Is it the concerted search for something that doesn’t exist?
I’d go with @iamthemob and @flutherother.

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No,actually,this is just a matter of consonant (silly thing). I ask her today about it and she said it’s “Prophetism”. She said “Prophetism” in the consonant of “Profestism”. @camertron just gave my an insightful references about it.

I apologize if I somehow misleading earlier in this thread,but that was not entirely my fault. I swear she said “Prophestism” in the consonant of “Profestism”.

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