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From your youth, what beliefs, ideas, or dreams have not worked out as you planned?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33951points) August 19th, 2011

I was raised in a rabidly fundamentalist Christian family who thought homosexuals were subhuman. I was a leader in several clubs including the Future Farmers of America and Future Business Leaders of America.

I am no longer Christian. I am gay and glad. I’m not a farmer nor a business leader. There are more things I could go on about, but I want to hear yours.

What beliefs did you hold in your youth that no longer hold true for you? What ideas have you changed your mind about? What dreams did you have that have morphed into other realities?

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I always thought I would be a physician. Sometime in college, I realized that was not going to be my path. Instead, I will be a college professor. Also, I never knew I’d be living in the U.S. or know how to speak English.

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I wanted to be a pro footballer (soccer) earning squillions of pounds for playing a sport I love.
Never mind though, for as the lemon said to the lime….“hey, i’m not bitter!” ;¬}

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That I would graduate from college with a degree in business, marry my true love that I would meet while there, and the ceremony would be held in my hometown’s church and bring up children. What really happened is none of the above, and my life has been quite grand.

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When I was a youth, just out of college, I believed in price controls. Now I know enough economics to understand the absurdity of that idea. Other than that, I’m still a person with socialist tendencies.

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Being a supermodel. I was blessed with beautiful face, in-shape body, and delicate skin but there weren’t any supermodel courses/agencies in my place, and I was also lack of self-esteem. No, I still hope that I can still become a supermodel, at least, there’s nothing wrong with hoping. I just couldn’t waste my peerless beauty.

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I was certain psychic powers were just a matter of adjusting your attitude correctly. I’m not kidding. I was a huge hippie.

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The question I asked my mom most often was “Why?” and the second most frequent was probably “Why can’t they get just along?” I really believed people could easily get along if they just tried and could not fathom to any degree why people would be mean to each other. I still remember that mindset clearly.

I also believed strongly in the “good, honest hard work will get you ahead” ethic. Ha. I’m cynical about that one now—it seems like it’s not honest hard work that gets people ahead, but knowing how to play the game. Somehow, I don’t think I got the instruction manual—I’m too WYSIWYG.

Right now I’m even more cynical… I got a lower grade in 3 grad school classes this summer than a classmate who cheated the whole time. The program I’m in gives grades based heavily on quality of brown-nosing and I’m terrible at that… Grrrr….

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The bottom fell out of my Catholic religious beliefs many years ago….I found a HUGE hypocrisy there. My first divorce and a few other large speed bumps kind a took the fantasy of for better of for worse out of my vernacular. Now it is survive anyway you can.

I never dreamed I would own an epoxy company this is really out there for me.

But in the end I have learned that no matter hoe rough and tumble life can get the human spirit is still out there alive and well waiting to be tapped into whenever you need it most.

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I used to believe if I did the “right” things, “good” things then nothing bad would come to me.

I also believed I’d be an artist living a posh yet bohemian lifestyle along the California coastline by now.

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Well, hmm… I’m not a millionaire rock star. However, being a middle aged guy with a steady job in a professional field and a part of a traditional nuclear family really isn’t as horrific as I thought it would be. In fact, the benefits of that whole “dad” thing far outweigh the down sides of the traditional 9–5 grind.

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I thought ‘flower power’ might change the world.

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Raised Catholic, eventually became animist. Also, had a pretty big libertarian phase in college, which ended up leading into my current political stances.

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When I was younger I was somewhat both Jewish and Cristian, and now I’m neither. Also I thought I might be a fashion designer, but I don’t even know how to sew clothes and that’s not what I want to be anymore, so it’s not going to happen. Oh and I always thought I would never be as smart as my sisters, but I’m getting there.

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I never expected to have to actually have a real job and work after college but that I would meet my “prince” and get married and have a family. Boy was I wrong. lol i can’t really complain though, I have a good life compared to many others.

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I don’t think I ever really had any beliefs. Not that I remember, anyways. My mom was a hardcore Christian, but I was more scared of her than God. Funny how people fuck their own shit up sometimes lol. I’ve been surprised and confused more than enough times as a kid to think God or ghosts did it, but it never seemed to stick into me for that long.
Anyways, I was gonna become an entomologist or a train conductor. Now I’m just some bitch who likes zombies. :D

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